Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 19/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
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What will you do with the power of the legendary dragon species? Your past seems to have something to do with this creature. Join Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss so you can find out the truth. This is a direct interactive game with the storyline, you can write the next development of your life here.

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Introduce game Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss

Genius – a publisher of such interactive games that we have introduced many of their products before. This version they bring you a whole new content. Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss still keeps the familiar gameplay, but there will be more characters and a longer storyline. Although the plot is adventure, but there will still be romantic details because of the beautiful love story in which you are the main character.


On a fateful night, you see a mysterious creature in the dark sky under attack. It looks like a dragon! You really want to save it, but with the power of an ordinary human, there is nothing you can do. In times of emergency, you give him your blood according to his plea.

After helping it out of a dangerous situation, you discover that you are about to face another problem. A strange symbol appeared on the dragon’s bite. After that, the dragon took you away and landed at a magnificent mansion. The people there proclaim themselves Guardian Dragons and say that your friend is a special being that possesses something called the Blood of the Covenant …

They ask you to release them from a contract you don’t remember ever signed and return their real names. But you don’t know what this means? With the wheel of fate moving, will you learn the truth behind the guardian dragons and your connection to them?


Based on the characters’ lines, you have to predict what will happen next. From there, make the choices that you think are reasonable. After each situation, you will have 2 to 3 choices. Each choice is a different evolution that will happen. Therefore, how the game ends will be up to you to decide.

This game has countless different endings. You can experience it many times to enjoy all of those endings. Just another choice can make the next happen in a new direction. That is also the fun of this game.


  • Loic: A arrogant and proud Guardian Dragon. Despite the fact that you saved him, Loic still teases you. He seemed to have everything he wanted, but sometimes an awful look of sadness flipped over his smug looks. Can you reach out and help him open his mind?
  • Nero: He despises humans and displays a deep hostility towards you, even though he is the Guardian Dragon. He keeps his distance from you, but you realize that in times of emergency, he will protect you no matter what. Contrary to his crude looks, you’ll soon find out that Nero has a kind heart. Will you be the one to melt that icy demeanor and gain his trust?
  • Asher : Asher’s calm and composed nature helps him make Loic and Nero cooperate. Unlike the others, he treats you very nicely. However, he quickly lost his temper when it came to Jarvis. It seemed Asher was bearing a heavy burden. Can you uncover the source of his suffering and help him share his burden?
  • Jarvis : A disgusting and ruthless mysterious Apostle who is the fear of the 3 Guardian Dragons. However, his true identity has been revealed as the fourth Guardian Dragon. Can you find out what made him so cruel?

Game interface

Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss is like an electronic book! Indeed, this game develops along the main storyline and you can change what happens. You will read the characters’ lines to understand the story. It’s like reading a novel, but the eye-catching interface of this game will remove the inherent boredom.

MOD APK version of Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices
  • You can choose from the premium options from the very beginning of the game. Something that requires RUBY to unlock. But with this MOD APK version, you can open it for free.

Download Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss MOD APK for Android

The fascinating story of Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss will make you unable to take your eyes off. The unexpected events or romantic love make interesting in each stage of the story. However, things are not always going well. Can you turn enemies into friends, turn indignation into love? Join us in any game and experience it!

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