One Piece: Thousand Storm MOD APK 1.43.2 (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 18/03/2022 (5 months ago)

Latest Version:1.43.2
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 4.2+
Publisher:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Package:Google Play Link

Role-play with all the One Piece heroes in the hit game One Piece: Thousand Storm! Choose your favorite character and join the epic battles. Realistic, smooth graphics give you the best experience. Our MOD APK version will give you many advantages in the game..

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Introduce game One Piece: Thousand Storm

One Piece: Thousand Storm is a role-playing game, it simulates part of the plot in One Piece. Of course, there will be details added to increase the attraction. This game has extremely eye-catching 3D graphics. Plus there’s a complete collection of all the characters included in this series. With addictive gameplay, we believe One Piece: Thousand Storm will bring you a unique and fascinating adventure.

One Piece TS MOD APK 888x555
Form a party of 3 to fight

Attractive role-playing gameplay

Choose for yourself a favorite character in One Piece, so you can accompany them on this journey. You will directly control the character to dodge, defend and attack other enemies. Characteristic of the role-playing gameplay is the rather long and engaging storyline, you will go through hundreds of stories and many NPCs. Upgrade your character to be stronger, control skills to win every victory, these are the factors for you to complete this game.


All the Pirates in the One Piece series converge in this game. In particular, each character possesses unique skills like the original plot. For example, a guy Luffy with the skill of extending his arm and punching continuously at the enemy. Or the cool ACE guy who can shoot fireballs that burn everything. Therefore, players can feel the most clearly and honestly with their favorite character that they are about to role-play.

One Piece characters will appear as a card. There, all information about each character’s strength, skills, and style is clearly displayed. Characters can be upgraded to become stronger. Increase the number of stars, learn new skills and upgrade their general stats for maximum strength. Try to collect famous scenes to develop your character. Some skills are quite useful in the game:

  • Activate Luffy’s “Rubber Snake King” “Gear 4” Snakeman.
  • Carrot “Moon Lion / Thunder Rabbit” turns into “Moon Lion (Suron)”.
  • “Toro Sand Crest” by Zoro and “Rikimochi” by Katakuri.
One Piece TS MOD 888x555
Full of all the characters in the One Piece series

Fierce fighting

Strong enemies appear in the main plot of the game one after another. You have to fight with most of the Pirates, Big Mom, Kaido… Towards the end of the game, the difficulty of the challenges becomes greater because the big Bosses will appear. Use your control skills to dodge enemy attacks. Besides, don’t forget to use the skill whenever you feel appropriate. Skills cannot be used often, so you should calculate the time properly.

In addition to fighting in the main storyline, 1vs1 PK is always the most attractive feature for players. You can form a team of 3 to fight together. If not, join the dramatic 1vs1 competitions. The prize pool for those with high ratings is extremely valuable, try to get it!

Easy controls

With simple gestures, you can make quick and precise movements. Smooth character movements give you an advantage in every situation where speed is required. On the control screen, you can see where to use skills or support items. Besides, it is indispensable to have a 360-degree scroll button to give you more flexibility. In particular, swipe your screen so that the character can quickly glide to the specified location. This is a quite appropriate move when you are trying to dodge the enemy’s attack. Extremely simple, you will quickly get used to the controls in the game.

One Piece TS APK 444x710
Beautiful game interface, easy to control

Graphics, sound

You will be overwhelmed with the sharp and vivid 3D graphics of One Piece: Thousand Storm. 3D battle scenes with tons of eye-catching skill effects, giving players a lot of inspiration. In terms of character design, it is completely similar to the original series. From the costumes to the voice, the actions are all copied from the original. Therefore, this game attracts many fans of the One Piece series to participate in the experience. In terms of sound, you can hear the conversations between characters, or when performing skills.

MOD APK version of One Piece: Thousand Storm

MOD feature

  • Menu MOD

In the MOD Menu, you can enable/disable important battle features. Includes: One hit, free evolution, 100% chest droprate… You can enable all MOD features or only one of them at the same time.

Download One Piece: Thousand Storm MOD APK for Android

One Piece: Thousand Storm is a perfect game for fans of the One Piece series. From the plot to the gameplay, the graphics, the sound are all extremely attractive and attractive. For the first time, you can play as your favorite character and participate in countless dramatic battles with top pirate gangs. Victory or defeat is completely based on your character control skills. It is also an attractive and characteristic element of the RPG game genre. Download the game now from the link below!

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