Last updated: 18/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.7.0
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Bandai Namco
Package:Google Play Link

After a while of being introduced, finally MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT has also launched the gaming community. This is a promising role-playing game from developer Bandai Namco.

Introducing the game MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT

This MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT game was introduced by Bandai Namco a few months ago. There have been many game news sites reporting on it, so this game is known by many people. Moreover, just hearing the name Bandai Namco, we can already confirm that this is a high-quality game. And the new game was officially released on February 8, after a period of testing.

Accordingly, MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is developed with extremely attractive role-playing gameplay. It is inspired by the famous My Hero Academia brand for many years. It’s no surprise because Bandai Namco is famous for its manga or anime adaptations. Among them are games like DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders.

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT was developed to celebrate the 5th season of My Hero Academia Anime. Currently, this Anime version is being known and loved by many people. Therefore, the mobile game version released at this time is extremely reasonable. It will certainly attract a large number of players. Especially the My Hero Academia fan community.

Inspired by the famous Manga brand

As introduced, MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is inspired by the My Hero Academia brand. This is a Japanese superhero manga that is extremely popular around the world. It was written and illustrated by artist Kōhei Horikoshi. The content of this series is about the main character Izuku Midoriya. This is a boy born without super powers but still wants to be a superhero. Thus, the boy’s difficult and challenging journey to learn magic began at Hero Academia.

This franchise has been adapted into an Anime like other manga series. And MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is the most outstanding game about the content of this series. The game follows the plot to create an extremely attractive role-playing game. And the design of the image, the character is still kept according to the original.

Story of the game

In terms of content as well as plot, MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT game closely follows the original content of the manga. The main content still tells about Izuku Midoriya’s journey to learn magic to become a superhero. But the game does not start from the beginning of the story, but in the middle.

The story continues when Izuku Midoriya first meets All Might, Hero No. 1. This is followed by a meeting with the students of U.A. After the showdown at “U.A”, the alliance of villains faltered, even as Shie Hassaikai became a major threat.

Train your hero

The character system in the game remains the same compared to the original. You still get to meet familiar heroes and villains. You can choose your favorite character to start the game experience journey. What you need to do is train your character to become strong and invincible. Take the character to the U.A for harsh training. Or take them to school with senior teachers and professional heroes at Unexpected Simulation Ventures (USJ).

In particular, the game also has an extremely unique Cinemagraphy feature. This feature allows you to admire your character on the main screen. That image shows up in a vivid and extremely eye-catching way.

Each character has different skills. Those skills are strong or weak depending on the combination and use of the player. If you know how to combine to create a chain of skills with Quirks, your character will be stronger.

Take part in dramatic battles

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT offers various battle modes. You can take the character to participate in a normal 3v3 battle with other heroes. Play offline or online with other players around the world. In addition, you also get to gather your team of heroes together. Then use the Quirks to your advantage and brave the brutal pursuits of the villains.

3D graphics with stunning effects

No need to use too many good words to affirm the graphic quality of MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT. Because before, every game of Bandai Namco owns high-quality 3D graphics. And so is this MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT game, equipped with the most advanced 3D graphics. Character creation, setting up in the game all bring familiarity, because it is created like the Anime version.

Surely players will love the realistically reproduced battle scenes in the game. Epic battle scenes show up with beautiful effects. Even, the game recreates the familiar battles in My Hero Academia more realistically, more vividly than the Anime version.


MOD features

  • 1. MENU MOD;
  • Speed Multiplier
  • One hit Kill
  • Always Critical Hits


With the combination of Bandai Namco and the My Hero Academia brand, MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is really a game worth playing at the moment. If you are a fan of this manga franchise, you should not miss it, or you are simply a fan of the Manga-themed RPG genre, this game is also a great choice,… There are so many reasons for you to get into the game right now.

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