Fire Truck Simulator v1.0 Mod APK (Remove Ads)

Last updated: 10/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0
MOD Info:Remove Ads
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Sim Sim Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Come to Fire Truck Simulator to be the bravest and best firefighter! This is an extremely attractive simulation and role-playing game, giving you an extremely realistic experience.

Introducing Fire Truck Simulator game

Fire Truck Simulator is a product of Sim Sim Studio, just released a few days ago. This developer is quite famous for driving or racing games. But coming to the latest product, Fire Truck Simulator, you can enjoy an unprecedented simulation and role-playing gameplay.

Become the best firefighter

The Ultimate Truck Simulator game takes you to a place called the Town Fire Station. Here, you are in charge of a team of town firefighters. And of course, your task is to rescue the fires that occur in the area that you are managing. With professional operations, the courage of firefighters, you must complete your mission as soon as possible. You must find ways to reduce the loss of life as well as property, as little as possible. It would be great if you didn’t let anyone in the fire get hurt or killed.

Attractive gameplay

The gameplay of Fire Truck Simulator is developed quite similar to driving simulation games like Bus Simulator PRO or Ultimate Truck Simulator. But its experience is definitely more enjoyable. Because it is not only a driving game, but also incorporates role-playing elements. Join the game, you play the role of a team of brave firefighters, ready to rescue everywhere there is a fire. Therefore, your mission is more, more dramatic than simply driving.

In the town, fires occurred frequently. Partly because of people’s carelessness, partly because of unfortunate incidents that happened. That’s why you appear in this game. You need to lead the fire brigade quickly to the place of fire to extinguish the fire. If not urgently, the fire will spread faster and leave more severe consequences.

Basically, your main task is to drive and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Every day, there are many fires happening so you have to be ready in any case. The 911 hotline is available to keep the town safe. Each day you are assigned different tasks, with increasing difficulty. Sometimes, the fire rescue in the game takes place as dramatic as the movie.

Vehicle system and upgrades

Currently, the game gives you 4 different types of fire trucks for you to choose from. Each type is specifically designed for firefighting tasks. Those must be large, sturdy and powerful vehicles for firefighting. New cars will have higher stats, better fire suppression. And of course you have to use money to buy a car. You can get a bonus every time you complete a mission.

The important thing that you must not miss is to upgrade your vehicle system. Each vehicle has detailed specifications on many accessories. Every detail has its own importance. For example, vehicle speed is important when the fire needs to be extinguished urgently, or the fire is too large, requiring a vehicle with a large capacity, containing a lot of water. In addition, you can also change the appearance of the fire truck by changing the paint color to your liking.

The game also brings a full range of specialized accessories of the fire industry. For example, fire extinguishers, oxygen masks, professional firefighting clothing,…

Realistic experience with 3D graphics

As a game with both role-playing content and simulation, an authentic game experience is extremely important. Therefore, Ultimate Truck Simulator is developed with extremely impressive 3D graphics. That gives you a realistic experience, like directly controlling the fire truck and on duty.

First is the visual design part. From the firefighter characters to the vehicle system, costumes, roads,… everything comes to life because of its extremely detailed design. The next impressive point is the extremely smooth movement. For example, the movement of the car when traveling on the road, the agile movement of the character… Thanks to that, the new game experience becomes as real as possible.

In addition, the driving system also gives you a real-life experience. Although the control system is simpler than a real fire truck, the sound of the engine, the brake, or the siren is enough. Driving is also quite simple. You have a steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal to control the fire truck. When spraying fire water, you just need to press the water release button and control the direction left or right.

Main Features

  • Choice of 4 professional fire trucks;
  • Simulation gameplay combined with attractive role-playing;
  • Realistic 3D graphics;
  • Huge city 3D environment;
  • Whistle, Light, Whistle, Signal like a real fire truck;
  • Get rescue mission whenever;
  • AI Cars, Traffic Lights like in real life;
  • Different camera angles for easier observation;
  • The sound of the engine, the water pump is extremely realistic.

MOD APK version of Fire Truck Simulator

MOD features

Remove Ads: If you play the original, there will be a lot of ads showing during gameplay. It’s really annoying and no one wants to. Therefore, REDMOD has removed the display of ads in the Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK version. You will be able to experience the game comfortably without worrying about being bothered by ads.

Download Fire Truck Simulator MOD APK for Android

Overall, the gameplay of Ultimate Truck Simulator is extremely attractive and the graphics are also very impressive. If you want to be a brave firefighter with no abilities or conditions, join the Ultimate Truck Simulator right away. The game will bring you an engaging and dramatic experience no less than the real-life emergency fire scenes.

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