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Last updated: 18/10/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.2
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Continuing with the My City game series, the publisher MyTownGames has released a new version called My City: Hotel. With this version, the kids will experience the best holiday in a 5-star hotel.

Introduce about My City : Hotel

MyTownGames is a publisher of healthy educational games for kids, and the most popular one is the My City series. With My City: Hotel version, a new story will be written by the kids. With just a phone in hand, an exciting holiday appears before the player’s eyes. It’s wonderful, isn’t it!

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Learn check-in procedures

Usually, check-in procedures will be carried out by adults. Therefore, very few children know what the process is like. Therefore, coming to My City: Hotel, children will experience and learn specific steps. From going to the reception hall to check in or make payment, the child will do it himself. The children will learn a lot of new knowledge so that when experiencing the reality, they will not be surprised.

Interesting places

My City: Hotel has a multitude of places where children can enjoy. This resort hotel has the most complete amenities and luxury in the city. The VIP rooms will have a swimming pool, the rooftop can set at dawn and sunset. Children can go to the spa rooms to relax and with the fragrance filling the room.

Children can dine at the on-site restaurant with many beautiful and delicious dishes. In addition, there are guitar and piano bands to serve customers. The bedroom is decorated with bright colors and many cute items, the kids will surely enjoy it.

The hotel is extremely large and there are many other interesting places waiting for you to explore. Unlimited exploration and fun will never stop. Children will write their own new story. New locations and exciting puzzles await the kids to decipher. Learning, logical thinking and entertainment, a great place isn’t it!

Content safe for children

The publisher MyTownGames is committed to healthy and rewarding content. Over 100 million children have experienced it and adults are also extremely satisfied. No ads, no 3rd party IAPs, no harmful content! You can rest assured to let your child play and explore new worlds. This game also supports multitasking, many children can play on the same screen.


Vivid, bright colors are something that can be easily seen at the start of the game. My City: Hotel is designed with 2D graphics, without visual effects affecting the child’s eyes. The characters are made up of diverse and cute outfits. The character’s facial expressions are always happy, creating a cheerful atmosphere in the game. The game is like a completely doll house where children can interact with every object they see on the screen. Highly detailed characters and locations and lively background music, children can easily role-play and write their own stories.

Download My City : Hotel APK for Android

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Currently, the official version of My City: Hotel has not been launched. We will continuously update and bring you the APK file for free. Visit Redmod regularly to be the first to experience My City: Hotel.


The children can both learn new practical knowledge, and entertain themselves with interesting places. Just download this game and your child can experience the most wonderful holiday. All versions of My City can be linked. This allows children to share characters between cities. What are you waiting for without letting your kids experience My City: Hotel right with us!

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