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Last updated: 12/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.0
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Requires:Android 6.0+
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FINAL FANTASY is like a monument in the action role-playing game genre. Each version in this game franchise has its own characteristics and different appeal. And FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster is also a version that many people are interested in.

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Introducing FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster

FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster also known as  Final Fantasy II in its initial North American release. It was still developed and published by Square Enix for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. The first version was released in 1991.

Later, Final Fantasy IV was ported to multiple platforms with different differences. And the version introduced today is the FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster. This is a special version, bringing a completely different experience compared to the previous parts.


In the FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster version, the plot for the most part takes place on Earth, also known as the Blue Planet. This place is divided into two parallel worlds. One is on the surface, inhabited by humans. And an underground world (aka the Underworld), inhabited by Dwarves. Along with that is an artificial moon orbiting the planet. There is also life on the moon, which is also where the Lunar (Lunarian) people live.

The Lunars are a race from a destroyed world. They have a major telltale sign of the moon imprinted on their faces. It was they who created the artificial moon and lived a peaceful life with humans on Earth. In the game, the player never gets to the moon.

The story goes

The story in this game takes place on the Blue Planet. A Kingdom that stood up to wage an unwarranted war was Baron. They sent their elite fleet of airships, the Red Wings, to attack the neighboring countries. Of course, this is a senseless war that the people of the countries there do not want.

Among the elite fleet of airships, there is a dark knight named Cecil. He is also the captain of the Red Wings. Because he was so disgusted with this absurd war, he decided to fight against the tyrannical Baron. Accompanying Cecil is his trusted friend and bodyguard.

He must do whatever it takes to fulfill his mission, with an unprecedented grand adventure. He joined forces with Kain the Dragoon, Rosa the white mage, Rydia the summoner, and many other allies. You will play as the protagonist Cecil to start a challenging adventure in FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster.

Role-playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Final Fantasy IV still offers a familiar role-playing style. Accordingly, the player controls a group of up to five characters, completing missions to be able to continue the story. The selection and development of characters is quite important, deciding the outcome of each match. Every time you come to town, you can stop for the character to recover and buy more equipment. At the same time, you must search for clues for the next places to explore.

The map in the game is extremely large and the battles can take place at any time. It could be other players, monsters in the map or dungeons.

Your character can interact with non-playable characters, and enemies on the field map. This is a very interesting interactive feature for you to travel between different areas. Traveling between regions is shown on the world map.

Battle strategy

As an RPG, strategy in FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster is also very important. In battle, your task is to order the character to take action. You have many options such as using a spell or an item, retreating, changing the character’s position, defending or pausing the game… Each choice is strategic, you have to think in a different way. Smart and logical to win.

In addition, you also have to be aware of the special abilities of some characters. These abilities can bring you victory in the most dramatic last minutes. In particular, this game allows players to control up to five characters at the same time in a party. This is a feature that is unique to this version in the Final Fantasy series. The entire previous game only allowed up to four characters to be controlled.

Graphics and sound

Perhaps the graphics are the most outstanding highlight of FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster. Usually, previous Final Fantasy versions have high quality 3D graphics. The developer wants to bring the most realistic and vivid experience. But that seemed boring, so Square Enix took the bold step of changing the graphic style for the 4th version.

This game is developed with classic 2D graphics. The image in the game is designed in a pixel style, like the legendary games released many years ago. Still the familiar character system, but here you will see them in a new look. No longer enchantingly gorgeous characters, instead simple, quite funny shapes.

As for the sound and background music, this version does not have many changes. It is still composed by Uematsu Nobuo. He was the one in charge of composing for most of the previous Final Fantasy games. It is known that he is a very responsible person at work. He used to spend many nights at Square Enix’s headquarters to get work done. That is why the soundtrack is also a point of branding for Final Fantasy.

APK version of FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster


Paid: All released versions of FINAL FANTASY are available for download. And of course, the price for such a famous game is not cheap. And there are many players who cannot afford the game. So what should they do? It’s very simple, you just need to download the FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster APK version of REDMOD. This version is paid, giving you a completely free experience.

Download FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster APK free for Android

Initially, many people thought that the classic graphics version of FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster would not receive the love of the players. But in fact, with its uniqueness and novelty, this version is interested by many players. Although it is a paid game, it received a lot of downloads on Google Play. And if you need the free version, download our FINAL FANTASY IV Pixel Remaster APK.

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