BangCity v0.10a Mod APK (Ported)

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:0.10a
MOD Info:Ported
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BangCity is a famous game in the role-playing genre of simulation and dating. This game was developed and published by Patreon. With interesting and attractive gameplay, this game is loved by many players. However, it is only released on the PC platform. You even have to pay for this game.

Introducing BangCity

BangCity is sold on Patreon’s homepage for $ 5. This is a price not too high, but players expect a mobile version. Therefore, we offer you the BangCity APK version for mobile. It’s great that this APK version is completely free to download and experience the game.

The story of the game

Entering the game, you will be taken to a place called BangCity. This is a shabby place ruled by gangsters and corrupt people. You will play the role of the main character of the game that is Babyface! He is a mercenary in a criminal gang and he is being oppressed from others. Not resigned to that oppression, he wanted to break out of the mafia and start a new life. He has a goal that is to take revenge on those who have hurt him. You will transform into Babyface and start your new life.

Attractive simulation gameplay

Basically, you will play games to experience the life of the protagonist Babyface. You will begin with him on a new journey in life with the goal of revenge. During the journey, you will meet many characters who can help you. Here is a list of other characters in the game that you need to remember.

  • Valerie Parker: A former social worker trying to help you achieve your goals (Babyface’s friend)
  • Dwayne: A childhood friend of yours, and she’s also a leader for another gang (Babyface’s friend).
  • Linda – She is the wife of a gang leader. At the same time she became the leader of the female gang, someone who was always drunk
  • Gina – A proud and snobbish young woman
  • Ellen – A person who is passionate about golf, and does everything for money
  • Tracy – A substance addict
  • Peggy – A warlike and arrogant woman
  • Darla – A strange character, ugly appearance and selfish personality

During the adventure and revenge, you will get acquainted with the characters mentioned above. The interesting thing about the game is that you can date any of them. You are inherently a good looking guy, so they are also attracted to your eyes. Therefore, you will always have shady relationships with them. You can also make them orgasm with unexpected dates.

Version BangCity APK

As we mentioned above, BangCity is a famous game for the PC platform. And the developer of this game has not released a mobile version. Therefore, the BangCity APK version was created by those who love this game. Therefore, it has no official copyright from the developer. However, you can still experience the game without having to worry about any issues. Another note is that this game may not be compatible with some devices. If you cannot play it on your phone, try with the emulator on Android.

Download BangCity APK

Not only the attractive role-playing simulation game, BangCity also has high quality 3D graphics. The images in the game are extremely sharp and eye-catching with the creation of characters like real people in real life. Thanks to that, you will get the most authentic experience. Right now, you can download BangCity APK to experience it.

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