My City : Grandparents Home APK v4.0.2 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 01/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.2
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:My Town Games
Package:Google Play Link

My City is a series of famous simulation role-playing games with educational topics. This series of games was developed by My Town Games. This is a famous game company, specializing in the development of role-playing and simulation games for children. My City: Grandparents Home is the 19th installment of this series, released not too long ago.

Introducing My City: Grandparents Home

The story of the game

In terms of content, In My City: Grandparents Home is developed according to the next time of the previous version. The children are now much older and more mature. On a holiday, they are taken to a happy home. That is the house of grandparents. This place is spacious and fully furnished like a luxury villa. Here, kids will discover new places and write their own stories.

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Discover new places

Each new version of My City, the developer adds 8 new places for kids to explore. In My City: Grandparents Home, too, there will be 8 new interesting places in your grandparents’ home.

The first is the living room, where the children talk and the place to receive guests to visit. In the backyard, you can organize hearty parties and invite your friends for a fun party. In addition, the backyard also has a small pool, so they can swim every day. A mysterious place and you need to find it, it’s the basement. This place is full of mystery items, let’s find out what that place has. In addition, there are many other places for you to explore.

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Play with over 20 characters

My City games always stand out with the extremely diverse character system. All characters of the previous versions are available in the new version. Add to that a few new characters, never appeared. Just like that, the game will have more and more characters. Up to the present time, the game has more than 20 characters. These characters can go to any location to explore.

Play the game without ads

Currently, all games and apps for kids are encouraged to have no ads. To bring the best experience for children, My City: Grandparents Home does not have any ads. As a result, children can play games at any time, completely harmless and not be bothered by advertising.

APK version of My City : Grandparents Home

My City: Grandparents Home, along with previous versions of My City, is a paid game. It is sold on Google Play and AppStore for about $ 0.99. This is a very small price, only a candy. However, there are many reasons why players cannot pay for the game. Therefore, we have brought you the My City: Grandparents Home APK. This version is completely free, you just need to install the APK file to be able to experience it.

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Download My City : Grandparents Home APK for Android

Not just a game, My City: Grandparents Home is also a good tool for your kids to get used to life. They will be engrossed in playing the game, completely harmless and helpful to them. Right now, you can download My City: Grandparents Home APK to play it. Note, you visit RedMod regularly to update the latest version of this game!

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