Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders v1.10.9 Mod APK (MOD Menu)

Last updated: 02/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.10.9
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The super monster battle officially broke out at Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders. This game is inspired by the Japanese childhood movie Untraman X. This is an extremely popular movie, surely everyone will find extremely familiar graphics and graphics. Join the game with our MOD version, you can experience more easily.

Introduce about Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders

This game was released by Bandai Namco, a company specializing in the production of childhood games in Japan. Most anime or superheroes have been adapted into games. And the game we are introducing here, will make you feel excited. Offering a fascinating gameplay and many unique features, Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders offers players an extremely attractive combat simulation game. Along with familiar graphics and shaping, this is a game you should try once.

Manufacture and developmental monster


You can craft your own monsters in many ways. Starting from small monsters, you can upgrade them to become more powerful. Strengthen them with the experience you gain. When they reach their maximum level, they can go into evolutionary stages. There are many types of monsters to choose from and they all have unique skills. Please choose carefully before you put all the resources on them.


When monsters reach their maximum level, they can evolve. Each monster will have its own DNA code. Monsters with the same DNA code could fuse together to evolve stars. The total number of stars you can evolve for a monster is 6. When the maximum number of stars, they will have extremely terrifying powers. However, it is not easy to achieve maximum evolution. Simply because this takes a lot of experience and has to find monsters with the same DNA code.


This feature allows the monsters to transfer skills to each other. Evolved monsters will inherit the skills of other monsters. This allows you to create your own most powerful monster.


This is an extremely interesting feature in this game. Monsters can be purchased on stalls, markets, and shops. However, to own the most unique and powerful monsters, you can bid on the market. If the number of gems you place is the highest, you will have the right to reclaim the monster that was bidding. Gemstones are extremely difficult to find, so not everyone can pay a high price. Auction monsters are very rare and powerful, they have become the dream of thousands of players.


The ring in the game consists of many squares combined together. You will rely on that and make strategies, moves reasonably. The unique skills of the monster will be the key to opening your victory. The combat system is a simulated battle using squares. Therefore, you need more strategic thinking than hand manipulation. During the event, you can also choose to fight Ultraman, if you win, chances are you will be able to borrow their powers.


Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders doesn’t have too eye-catching graphics. Although there are also many visual effects, skill effects, but still quite simple. Monster shapes are quite unique, they look like creatures created from a laboratory. If you have seen the Japanese Ultraman X, you will certainly find it familiar.

MOD APK version of Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders

MOD feature

In the MOD Menu, you can increase:

  • Attack Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier

Download Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders MOD APK for Android

In our opinion, this is a pretty good game in terms of gameplay and content. Although there are no beautiful graphics, but also quite smooth and unique. This is also an opportunity for you to review the images of childhood movies. Enter the world of Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders to create the most powerful monster. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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