Kim Kardashian: Hollywood v13.6.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Stars)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:13.6.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Stars
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood MOD APK so you can visit a Hollywood like never before! A new look and a path to fame are waiting for you ahead. Do whatever you like and chat with famous people in this game. There’s always something fun to do every day!

Introduce game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an extremely attractive adventure game about the fashion genre. The name of the game is inspired by a real-life celebrity. She’s Kim Kardashian, a highly sought-after designer and model. This game tells about Kim’s journey in Hollywood. This is a place where the world’s top superstars converge. Surely Hollywood will create the best experience for Kim, or you! Let’s find out what unique features this game has right now!

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 888x500
Become the most talented fashion designer in history

Choose your story

In this game you will discover several different stories. Each story is equivalent to a separate game mode. However, you still use an original character and step into each of those stories. You don’t have to try to complete one mode, this game allows you to play all unlocked modes at the same time.

Celebrity life

In this mode, you will learn the daily life of a famous person. Kim is a sought-after star, so she’s incredibly influential. This is even more evident in Hollywood, where Kim’s talents are most celebrated. You will play the role of Kim and help her with all the daily chores. From receiving advertising contracts, modeling or even participating in fashion events. Obviously she’s always busy, and you always have something to do! This is also your chance to get to know what celebrities do in a day.

Virtual family

Build a happy home for Kim! You will be the one to choose the luckiest man in the world. With a celebrity, it’s easy for them to find a suitable boyfriend. In the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you can date anyone. However, you also have to complete some quests to win their hearts. From there, you can date and get married. Holding the world’s biggest wedding ceremony in the most beautiful place in Hollywood, isn’t it amazing!

Hollywood travel

Looks like, this is Kim Kardashian’s first time in Hollywood! So what are you waiting for, drive a luxury car inside and visit all the famous places here. Visit the most famous landmarks, luxury restaurants in Los Angeles. Besides, you can also book travel tickets to Paris, London and countless other great countries around the world. Along with that, you can enlist to participate in the biggest fashion events in the leading countries in this field.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood MOD 888x500
Travel freely at many of the most famous places in the world

Fashion design and creation

This is the main job of Kim Kardashian, she is a talented designer. In real life, she is extremely popular in the world. Especially the leading cities in this field such as Paris, Hollywood… all want Kim to come to work. So in this game you need to prove it. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood brings you thousands of outfits, in a variety of styles and colors. There, you can comfortably combine the best clothes together. This game also has the feature of trying on items before you decide to buy it in the store. Feel free to choose and create different styles, challenge your abilities!

You can also design your own trendy, modern and trendsetting clothes. Each of your designs can make it to the top of Hollywood’s top models. From there, you will earn more money than creating from available outfits. As a top designer, you need to create unique and modern products. Thereby, you can create a big buzz for Kim Kardashian in this beautiful city. Enter the world of fashion and compare everyday looks, OOTDs and more to see who can be the biggest star!

Attend events, be a model

As a celebrity, you will always be invited to the world’s top fashion events. There, you will dress up for special events in person. Besides, you can also bring your designs to show on the catwalk. Each event in this night game brings you a lot of attractive rewards. If you win the prize, you will surely become rich and gradually gain a foothold in this high-class world.

Who will wear your designs at events? It’s Kim Kardashian, or the character you’re playing. Not only famous for her fashion design talent, Kim also appeared many times as a model. In general, she is very multi-talented and beautiful, which is extremely suitable for this profession.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood APK 888x500
Join Hollywood’s biggest fashion events

Play with friends

Live in Hollywood with your friends! Kim Kardashian: Hollywood allows many players to connect with each other. If you join the game with friends, the rewards will be much greater. You’ll form a squad together to earn rewards, exclusive clothing, and more. Connect the game to Facebook, you can even send gifts to your friends. Playing together is always the best experience, and this game is helping players feel more fulfilled.


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an adventure game, but most of the content is in the simulation genre. This game sets up a very beautiful, modern and rich Hollywood. As soon as you open the game, the beautiful scenery from this city will give you a sense of satisfaction. The main character in the game, Kim Kardashian, is also built to resemble real life. In particular, we are extremely impressed with the fashion collection in the store. In it there are many fashionable, beautiful and luxurious clothes. With content mostly about fashion, such a large clothing collection is understandable. Certainly, the vivid colors in the game will keep you inspired to experience.

MOD APK version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

MOD features

  • Unlimited money and energy
  • Unlimited stars (Increase the time spent)

Note: First launch may result in a white screen. Please open it again to be able to experience this MOD version.


Does this game have paid items?

Yes. A lot of items can only be paid for in cash in this game. Moreover, it also has a VIP membership package up to 50USD. If you let kids play on their own, chances are they’ll buy the wrong items. So be more careful not to lose money unfortunately.

The MOD version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood can connect with the original version or not?

Are not. These are two completely different versions. Our MOD version can only let you experience everything in another sever for free. This server is separate, not related to the original version of the publisher.

Is this version safe or not?

Yes. This is not a file produced by the publisher, but it is extremely safe. We have thoroughly censored it and ensured its absolute safety.

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood MOD APK for Android

As a fashionista, you should not ignore Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This game will give you the best Hollywood experience. Besides, you can do the work of famous people. Especially fashion design and modeling, jobs that you can only dream of. Now, this game is out and becomes a place for you to unleash your creativity. What are you waiting for, download the game now via the link below!

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