Haunted Laia v1.014 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 25/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.014
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Dark Dome
Package:Google Play Link

Does the detective gene code exist hidden inside your person? Check it out now through the game Haunted Laia MOD APK! Chain events and items to figure out how to solve the mysteries going on in your house.

Introducing Haunted Laia

Haunted Laia MOD APK is a logic puzzle game with elements of detective thinking. The game will give you simple information and you have to take advantage of it to find the answer. If you’ve ever played genres like “Escape Room”, then it’s probably easy for you to understand how to decipher this game. Colorful and stylish visual designs in the game will also make your entertainment hours more enjoyable.

The plot

The main story is about a family who just moved into Hiddentown. They chose a suitable house at a cheap price and moved in that day. Also from there, some mysterious events occur and disturb their lives. A few days later, all family members disappeared without a trace. What happened?

Playing as a detective, you take on the responsibility of investigating this case. When you go to explore that house, you find a family member named Laia. She’s the key to helping you unravel what’s going on in this place. You will be given some important information about that incident by her. At this point, you need to rely on that information and find the relevant facts. Will you be able to decipher everything and bring that family back?

The gameplay requires thinking

Find the data the game provides

The house you are investigating has quite a few rooms. Each of those rooms contains hidden items and data for you to collect. It can be a pair of pliers to crack, cards with mysterious shapes or a piece of paper with a puzzle inside… These objects are located anywhere inside the house, they are hide behind pillows, behind paintings or any other suspicious object.

You can interact with any object that appears on the screen. Just touch it, the items will automatically show up if they are really hidden there. Collect all the objects you can find inside the house. Then conduct analysis and find out how they are used. Look carefully, sometimes your investigation will be deadlocked just because a certain item is missing!

Chaining information and decoding

The hardest job in this game is to link the data and find the answer. You have found many items, but how to use them? Are the items related to each other? Many times, you have to link two separate items to create a new usable item. For example, you find a balloon and a nail, you have to touch and keep the nail moving to the ball. When it does, the ball will explode and you get a new item. That’s exactly what you need, because it contains important information. Therefore, if you only find the ball without the nail, you will not be able to solve this case.

Explore the story progress

You have to decipher many rooms to find the final mystery. The story will gradually be revealed each time you complete a challenge. Laia will help you open the information and you need to find the end of the story. Naturally, the progress will have a certain order and you have to unlock it one by one. In general, as long as you do well in solving the puzzle, the story will gradually unfold.


Haunted Laia has pretty simple graphics and is completely hand-drawn. It mainly depicts objects in a house. You can interact with all objects by touching it. The game context also has mysterious colors to increase the drama. In particular, the objects will be drawn realistically so that you can easily find out how to use it. All items you find will always be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

MOD APK version of Haunted Laia

MOD features

  • Unlocked : insurance premiums already paid.

Download Haunted Laia MOD APK latest for Android

Haunted Laia MOD APK is a game for those who are passionate about reasoning, thinking and exploring. You will be playing the role of a detective and solving the mystery of a disappearance. Test your great brain through these countless sentences, challenges in the game. Each door is opened as a part of the story is revealed, do you want to go to the end? Download the game now and start your detective journey!

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