My Crazy High School Romcom! v3.1.14 Mod APK (Unlimited Ruby)

Last updated: 14/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.14
MOD Info:Unlimited Ruby
Publisher:Genius Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Today’s game we bring to you is extremely unique. It will allow you to go back to your past to experience life from your student days. This game is My Crazy High School Romcom !.

Introducing My Crazy High School Romcom!

What we each regret is that we cannot go back to the past, at the memorable moments of our life. Everyone has good times, and wishes to go back to that time to enjoy that feeling of happiness. For many people, perhaps the time to go to high school is the best one, when we are not really mature and have unforgettable relationships. There will be stories about friends, love or different emotions. And of course, going back to the past is impossible, so we bring you a simulation game, for you to once again be in adolescence. The game is called My Crazy High School Romcom !.

My Crazy High School Romcom! is a simulation game developed and published by Genius Studio, a game company from Japan. The game was released in late August recently, support for the Android platform is completely free. Coming to the game you will be back to high school and looking for an ideal girlfriend. After introducing the game, we give you the link to download My Crazy High School Romcom! MOD APK for you to download.

Back to the beautiful years

Join My Crazy High School Romcom !, you’ll relive your beautiful high school moments. Here you will discover completely new interactive stories, hilarious full of laughter and emotional elements. You will play the role of the main character is a comic artist and start the adventure journey in the past through the game. The girl sitting next to you and many other girls will appear in your life. Many interesting stories, about many different aspects for you to explore. The main content will be your love story with the girls who study with you. You will have to make decisions for your love interest, choosing one of the girls who has feelings for you. Can you choose a girl of your dreams? Here are 3 main characters, 3 girls who might become your girlfriend.

The main characters

  • Nina: At first, Nina would like to take part in the Cupid game with your best friend Joshua. After knowing, you will not be able to hold back by her thoughtful and romantic girl. She can prepare you a tray of food full of love and romance.
  • Isabella: Isabella is an extremely beautiful girl with a glamorous appearance, she’s famous for her amazing beauty. Beautiful but she is not easy, not everyone can get acquainted and have a good relationship with her. You are lucky, can you conquer her?
  • Rachel: What a surprise when you see your childhood friend, it’s Rachel. This is a mysterious girl with a serious personality. But when it comes to you, she can open up and be more open to you. You will be the one who keeps her to stay in school with you, or let her return to your country.

MOD APK version of My Crazy High School Romcom!

MOD feature

Unlimited Ruby: This feature is not necessarily limited to ruby, but when you have advanced options it will not cost ruby.

Download My Crazy High School Romcom MOD APK

Are you ready to go back to your good time in high school? If you regret not having a beautiful high school love affair, then join My Crazy High School Romcom! to create a beautiful love story for me. Currently the game is very popular with many players thanks to the fascinating theme, but what about you? Download the game now to get back to the past, at the best stage of your youth to do what you want!

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