7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel v2.6.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Tickets)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.6.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Tickets
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Package:Google Play Link

7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel MOD APK gives you a plot with mysterious, touching, pure details and many extremely attractive storylines! Interact with the plot and write your own ending in 7 challenging days.

Introducing 7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel

Tired of old novels? Are you interested in interactive story games, visual novels, multiple choice storylines and indie games? Try playing 7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel, it is a Mystery Novel where your choice is decisive. The entire plot of the game’s mystery novels are written by dedicated authors. A lot of fascinating mysteries that you can directly uncover when playing the main character in it.

The plot is extremely engaging

Death spares no one and it comes in many different ways. But what happens after death no one can prove. According to legend, souls after leaving the body will have to test in the afterlife to have a chance to be resurrected. The messengers of death have assigned each of them a task and they must either attack or cooperate with each other to do so. Your character – Kirell – must also complete quests depending on the choice. This quest requires someone else to die, which cannot be changed. You only have 7 days to decide, which option will be the most perfect?


The main character in the game is Kirell, a pretty smart guy. You will role-play as Kirell and begin a challenging 7-day journey. Charon is the one who constantly challenges you. After his provocations early in the game, he will constantly create traps that can push you to defeat. In addition, you can also meet Argo and Hilde. These two people may be eager to help you, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t shady. If you are not discerning enough, you will most likely fail and be unable to revive Kirell.

Visual novel gameplay

Every choice you make can change the story. This is the most characteristic feature of this gameplay compared to other genres. Every small decision you make can change the relationship with your allies, and change the fate of you and your allies at times of crisis. You can be the bad guy or a trusted ally. Everything depends on your decision.

This gameplay does not default to the player having to follow a rule. You are free to make the choices you want. If you like different endings, you can play them over and over again. The reason is because each of your choices changes the course of the story. There are so many different permutations to choose from so it will create multiple endings. But most of the endings are happy to create comfort for the player.

Interact via chat box

7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel allows you to interact with other characters via text chat. The chat box will appear and you will send a message to everyone. You can find out who your new allies are through this chat. Subtly deliver messages that force them to give you the information they need. The characters in the game are very diverse, so anyone can harm you. Every message gives you information, take advantage of it. Besides, this chat box is also a place for you to talk to the person giving the challenge.

Game Overview

After experiencing, I feel 7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel has a lot of nice features. It is more diverse than similar visual novel titles. In general, this game has:

  • Artwork in Graphic Novel style with beautiful graphics;
  • Unique game context that changes back and forth between life and death;
  • The mysterious storyline changes depending on your choices;
  • Various hidden achievements and challenges;
  • Various chapters and endings based on the story;
  • Word adventure with a sense of mystery;
  • Interesting story telling game;
  • The mystery game has many options;
  • More features and constant updates.

MOD APK version of 7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel

MOD features

  • Unlimited Tickets

Download 7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel MOD APK latest version for Android

7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel brings a refreshing adventure storyline. If you like Visual Novels, Mystery or Adventure games, then this game is perfect for you. It has all the addictive elements such as engaging storyline, creating many unexpected situations and diverse features. Especially the visual novel gameplay, you can decide your own fate. If you want an ad-free gaming experience, consider purchasing the premium version of 7 Days To Survive. And now you can start downloading the game and experience!

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