Idle Arks: Build at Sea v2.4.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 15/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.4.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD APK is an extremely interesting adventure game. It carries a survival adventure game but has no killing or competition. You will enjoy an idle survival game, a game you’ve never seen. This game was released a few days ago by BHome. After only a few days, it received hundreds of thousands of downloads. Along with that are quite positive reviews from the player.

Introducing Idle Arks: Build at Sea

The story of the game

In the game, Idle Arks: Build at Sea you will be taken to a time when the whole world is in a crisis by floods. Due to climate change and many other causes, rain and floods have submerged everything in the sea of water. Flood water has swept through towns and countries, all rivers and creeks are everywhere. As one of the survivors, you need to do something to save the world. At this point, you need to create Arks to drift on the sea and save other survivors. You will then rebuild the beautiful cities after this historic flood.

Building adventure play

In Idle Arks: Build at Sea game, the gameplay is survival adventure but in idle style. As said, you will be floating on the water with the Arks that you create and rescue others. You need to build a big and strong Arks to survive on the vast surface of the water. Then there are more people trapped in the floodwaters.

Initially, you will use wood to build a small enough Arks for you to survive the flood. After that, you will save others and build bigger structures with them. Later, you will have to build larger buildings on a large scale. Even building the whole city, bringing prosperity to this place.

3D graphics, multi-dimensional images

Game Idle Arks: Build at Sea was developed with impressive 3D graphics. But the images in the game are animated, not real-life. But this type of image is also loved by players. The system is colorful and bright, always bring relaxation to you. You will feel the lightness and relaxation when floating on the water. More specifically, with 360-degree rotation, you can rotate the game image in every angle. Thanks to that, you will admire the works that you create.

MOD APK version of Idle Arks: Build at Sea

MOD feature

In Idle Arks: Build at Sea, you need to use wood and diamond resources to build and upgrade. Of course, you will have to spend a lot of time to get resources and diamonds. But in our Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD version, you can use unlimited resources of wood and diamonds. Because in this version, when you use diamonds or resources, they will increase, not decrease.

Download Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD APK for Android

You can see Idle Arks: Build at Sea, bringing an extremely unique survival adventure game. This survival is rather idle, not stressful and fighting with opponents like other survival games. Therefore, Idle Arks: Build at Sea quickly received the love of a large number of players. If you are interested in it, you can download the game now to experience it. With Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD, you will have an easier experience.

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