Dragon Masters: War of Legends v2.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Fire)

Last updated: 17/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.4
MOD Info:Unlimited Fire
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Dragon Masters: War of Legends MOD APK is a dragon training game with extremely attractive gameplay, combined with beautiful 3D graphics. This game is being widely shared on forums, game newspapers and social networks.

About Dragon Masters: War of Legends

Dragon Masters: War of Legends is published by GDCompany. Perhaps you have known this developer, because they are quite famous in the mobile game market. They have released many famous mobile games. And most of their products are heavily invested in graphics. Coming to the game Dragon Masters: War of Legends, you will also experience a top-notch 3D graphics, an extremely engaging experience. And this is also the latest game that GDCompany released.

Dragons invade the world

As you know, dragon is a sacred animal in human imagination. They are not real in real life. Have you ever imagined dragons actually appearing in our world? Coming to the game Dragon Masters: War of Legends, you will be free to adventure in the world of winged dragons.

The game is set in the human world, but is invaded by dragons. For some reason, they appeared here, more and more fierce and fierce. They want to destroy the human world, making it their own territory. As if the human world was about to end, a miracle happened. That’s when the mysterious magicians capable of taming dragons appeared. They have found a way to tame ferocious dragons, making them obey humans like other pets. You are one of those people!

Train your dragon

Join the game, you will become a real dragon trainer. You have the opportunity to nurture and train powerful dragons. At the beginning of the game, you already have a pretty powerful winged dragon. It already has combat skills, and your task is to upgrade its power and learn new skills for it. Later, you can also choose new dragons to accompany you in this adventure.

Join the dramatic battle

As many people have the ability to train dragons, they want to compete with each other by creating wars. Everyone aspires to have powerful power in the world of dragons. So intense battles took place.

You will use your favorite dragon to fight the enemy. Either you participate in real-time PvP mode. This mode lets you pit against other players around the world. They are also dragon trainers. That fight will find out who is the best dragon trainer.

Stunning graphics

Not only brings dramatic gameplay, but the graphics are also impressive points that players love in this game. Dragon Masters: War of Legends is heavily invested with high-quality 3D graphics. Just looking at the game introduction image is enough to make you excited and want to experience the game immediately. The images in the game are built extremely detailed and eye-catching.

From the setting, the characters to the dragons, everything is perfect. The most prominent is probably shaping the dragons in the game. They are beautifully crafted to every detail. When playing, you will feel like you are watching 3D movies at the cinema. When you control the dragon to move in the sky, you can see majestic scenes of nature, or ancient castles. You can move in all directions to fight, as well as observe the terrain.

Magical visual effects

In each match, you can also admire the beautiful effects. Those are the effects of light, fire, lightning, … designed very eye-catching. And the dragons in the game can breathe fire to fight. Those fire-breathing scenes are extremely beautifully designed, making you unable to take your eyes off the game. And when the dragons fight with each other, also create epic and magical effects.

MOD APK version of Dragon Masters: War of Legends

MOD feature

Unlimited Fire: Your dragon can spew unlimited fire, making it easy to defeat all enemies!

Download Dragon Masters: War of Legends MOD APK latest version for Android

It can be seen that Dragon Masters: War of Legends continues to be a high-quality game of GDCompany. It is very carefully invested in both images, graphics and gameplay. Thanks to that, this game is played by a large number of players. How about you? Are you ready for the war between dragon trainers? Link download game Dragon Masters: War of Legends MOD APK is ready below for you!

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