Treasure of Nadia v1.0.112 Mod APK (Ported)

Last updated: 28/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.112
MOD Info:Ported
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:NLT Media
Package:Google Play Link

Do you like treasure hunt adventure games? Try participating in the game Treasure of Nadia. It gives you adventure in the world of pirates, and also has extremely romantic love stories.

Introducing the game Treasure of Nadia

This game is not a completely new development. It is based on the previously released L*st Epidemic version. All created by developer NLT Media. The story and content in Treasure of Nadia are written after the ending in the previous one. You continue to discover interesting things about the main character’s treasure search journey.

Nội dung đặc sắc

The content of Treasure of Nadia is about a boy who dreams of becoming a treasure hunter like his father. His father was on the way to conquer the greatest treasure when unfortunately passed away. As his only son, the main character has started his journey to become a treasure hunter to fulfill his deceased father’s wish. Ban is the one who impersonates him to explore this game.

The story begins when you return to Cape Vedra, your hometown to attend your father’s funeral. Then you start your adventure journey to fulfill your dream. During the trip, you meet a lot of beautiful girls. You with them have extremely romantic adventures but no less dangerous. Join the game to become the most famous treasure hunter!

Adventure gameplay

Presented as an adventure and role-playing game, Treasure of Nadia is actually a visual novel style game. And the main content of the game is a novel with the theme of adventure and discovery. Therefore, your task in this game is simply to read the content of the game and sometimes make the right choices and decisions for your journey. Each of your choices leads to a different direction in the plot, and creates a different ending. Please think carefully before making your choice!

Sharp 3D graphics

The most impressive feature of Treasure of Nadia is the image. The game is developed with high quality 3D graphics, bringing extremely sharp and vivid images. Especially the character creation part. From the supporting characters, to the main character that is the girls in the game, they are all extremely realistic. Up to 12 girls appear in your adventure. They all have extremely beautiful and attractive looks.

APK version of Treasure of Nadia

And this version has been thoroughly tested by us. APK file works stably and smoothly on most Android devices. Of course, for devices with low configuration or too outdated, when you play the game will not be smooth. You need to play Treasure of Nadia on mid-range or high-end Android devices to get the best experience. Another small note is that the game capacity is quite large, about 2GB. Therefore, you need to leave at least 2GB of device memory before downloading the game.

Download Treasure of Nadia APK free for Android

Overall, Treasure of Nadia is an extremely attractive game. It makes a difference in both gameplay as well as sharp visuals. Surely this game will bring you the most authentic and wonderful experience. In addition, you can choose a few games similar to Hiroki NTR, Eternum. Right now, you can download Treasure of Nadia APK to experience it.

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