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Last updated: 05/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.10
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Requires:Android 8.0+
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A truly engaging adventure game needs to have a unique storyline and unique visuals. And Unreal Life is a game that can meet those criteria. It brings an attractive gameplay, eye-catching images with only 2D graphics.

Introducing Unreal Life

Unreal Life is not a new name. If you are a fan of the puzzle adventure game genre, you probably already know this name. This game is developed by many different units, which are Hako Life, room6, yokaze, Unties. It was first released in May, 2020. But back then, it only supported Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. In particular, the game received the “New Face Award” from the Japan Media Arts Festival.

And recently, this game has been officially released for the mobile platform. Since the original attracted a lot of players, the mobile version was released. Accordingly, Room6 is the unit responsible for releasing this mobile version. And Unreal Life is sold on Google Play for $ 6.99. Is this too high a price for a mobile game? Let’s find out through the article below.


The story in Unreal Life follows the main character Hal, a mysterious girl. She wakes up in a desolate place, and it seems that she has lost all her memories. Hal couldn’t know who he was, where his loved ones were, and why he was sent to such a mysterious and cold place. In Hal’s head there was only one name, “Sakura”. The name served as an urge for Hal to move forward to find out what happened. Because that’s the only clue she remembers, and the only hope is also in this girl named Sakura.

Hal needs to find out the truth, why she is here, and find her lost memories. She has a special ability, which is to be able to see the memories of anything she touches. It is also a way for Hal to overcome challenges and puzzles to find out the truth about his life.

Adventure gameplay combined with puzzles

At the beginning of the game, you will play the role of Hal to start the adventure journey to find memories. This adventure is not easy when you have to face many challenges and difficulties. Your task is to complete the game’s challenging puzzles. Going to each place, you will encounter different puzzles, with increasing difficulty. But the puzzles in the game are collectible and interactive, not match 3 or jigsaw puzzles. You need to use your “remembrance of things” ability to find clues. The objects you come across, can also be a key to helping you complete the puzzle.

Through each puzzle, you will gradually discover the truth about your life. The later you go, the more things you can recall. But the truth and ending of the adventure do not default to the plot. Instead, you can be the one to change the ending of the story.

End the story your way

Although it is a puzzle adventure game, sometimes you still have to make decisions for the main character. And of course, each decision will lead you to a different ending. The game will have four different endings to the story, that completely depends on how you play. You can choose to feel or think carefully, to end the game as you like.

Graphics and images match the plot

In terms of graphics, you may not be impressed when you first see the game Unreal Life. Because it is only equipped with medium quality 2D graphics. However, when playing the game, you will surely enjoy its image. The game is designed in handmade pixel style, simple but not trivial.

Everything in the game is created in detail. The most prominent part is the color part. Unreal Life has a dark, cold look with the main colors being charcoal green and black. These colors create a feeling of cold and loneliness, true to the mood of the main character. This perfect combination gives you an engaging experience, like being directly immersed in the main character.

APK version of Unreal Life

As mentioned, Unreal Life is not a free game. It is sold for a rather expensive price, $ 6.99. This is the right price for a famous game. However, for many players, they cannot get the official version from Google Play. That could be for many different reasons. That’s why we bring the Unreal Life APK version completely free. You just need to download the game to experience it. If possible, you should support the developer by buying the game directly through Google Play.

Download Unreal Life APK free for Android

With engaging gameplay, unique storyline and even visuals to match the content, Unreal Life gives you an emotional adventure. When playing, you have the feeling of getting into Hal’s inner self and discovering her life. Overall, Unreal Life is a very interesting game that you should not miss. It is not by chance that it won the “New Face Award” of the Japanese media. And the $6.99 price tag is a perfect fit for such an impressive game!

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