Family Farm Adventure v1.49.101 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 18/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.49.101
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Century Games
Package:Google Play Link

Welcome to the hottest 3D farm right now – Family Farm Adventure. The gameplay of farming and breeding is extremely attractive to you, but the experience is extremely comfortable. In particular, the 3D graphics will make you enjoy because very few farm games are available today. Right now, start your journey to turn the deserted island into a beautiful farm and more sparkling than ever!

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Introduce game Family Farm Adventure

If you want to find a place for entertainment, Family Farm Adventure will be the most reasonable choice. This is an interesting farming game with lots of interesting content. In addition to farming, you can also join the journey to discover the story on this island. Realistic 3D graphics combine many beautiful visual effects that will make you spend hours on it. Roll up your sleeves and start your journey right now!


Felicia is a girl who loves taking care of the farm. However, at home she did not have large gardens to satisfy her passion. In return, the island opposite her home is quite beautiful and has many locations to create a farm. Without hesitation, she decided to hire a boat and explore there.

Felicia could not have imagined that the island was more wonderful than she thought. It is extremely spacious and resource-rich, very suitable for farming. In particular, she’s not here alone! Around there are many very cute and friendly neighbors. Along with that are countless stories that she can explore. Is this a place she wants to stick with for the long term?


Farm expansion and development

This is the main gameplay when you join Family Farm Adventure. From the barren and bare land, you can start planting the easiest crops to grow like wheat, corn, … They are both cheap plants with growing roots. After that, you can harvest and sell them to the traders in the fair. After you have some money, you start to buy more expensive, higher yielding seeds.

Expanding the plot is also something you need to focus on as it will greatly increase yields. Having multiple plots of soil also makes it possible to plant multiple plants at the same time. This is extremely convenient for you to do everyday tasks. Most quests require you to harvest a sufficient number of crops. It also helps you level up faster and earn more money.

House decoration and construction

To be able to live on this island, Felicia desperately needs a house to rest. Help her do this! Start with a simple home, then upgrade to when you have more money. You can also decorate the house according to your preference. Plant a sparkling flower garden, decorate every corner of the house, create a wonderful space for Felicia like never before!

Discover stories around the island

This is also a very attractive content in Family Farm Adventure. Meet friendly neighbors and get to know their stories. In particular, it seems that this island is hiding a certain mystery. You need to solve puzzles to unlock new locations and bring this mystery to light.

Bring the direction of a survival game

Indeed! First, you’ll have to live and work on an island you’ve never been to. You need to do everything to survive when you have nothing in hand. However, it’s also easier but the game of survival because there are no dangers lurking. The tough puzzles are the toughest challenge in your adventure journey on this island.


We were really surprised by the graphics of this game. Family Farm Adventure gives you extremely eye-catching 3D graphics with many animated visual effects. Cartoon characters are extremely cute and always happy to help you feel more comfortable. Especially the pets that you find in the forest such as weasels, deer, elephants … are extremely cute. Vibrant and sparkling background of the island at night gives you a warm, peaceful land feeling. Background music is indispensable because it relieves all the stress for the player.

MOD APK version of Family Farm Adventure

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: Gold and diamonds will not be reduced when spent. However, you will not be able to use diamonds to buy gold coins.
  • Unlimited Energy

Download Family Farm Adventure MOD APK for Android

Family Farm Adventure is a combination of many different game genres. That is why it is very diverse in gameplay and extremely attractive content. When you are in this game, you will always have something to do. Show your creativity through home decor and top-of-the-line brainstorming puzzles to uncover the island’s mysteries. For us, Family Farm Adventure is the most comprehensive farm game from gameplay to graphics. There’s no reason for you to turn down such a great game, download it now!

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