I woke up and now I’m a knight v2.1.10 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 16/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:2.1.10
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
Package:Google Play Link

The mission to save the world is on your shoulders! In the game I woke up and now I’m a knight, you will be the main character. Use your creative thinking to write a happy ending in this interactive game. Our MOD version will help you unlock premium options for free.

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Introduce game I woke up and now I’m a knight

I woke up and now I’m a knight is a visual novel game in the adventure genre. You will progress the game by directly interacting with the plot. This is the type of game that publisher Genius Studio Japan is doing very well. Here, you can change the plot to your liking. In other words, you are the one who decides your ultimate fate in the game. An engaging and engaging plot will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Discover now!


You are a huge fan of hero series. Therefore, your biggest dream is once to play the role of a righteous hero, doing a lot of good things. Then one day, it also comes… Not sure if it’s a dream or reality, you wake up in a strange world. What catches your attention more is that this place looks so dilapidated, like it’s been through a war. Before you need to regain your composure, you get up and move forward to find out what’s going on.

There is no doubt that this place is truly suffering the cruelty of war. Relying on your cunning intelligence, you must not only survive, but also carry a mission to rescue this place. Of course, you need the help of many other characters. Along the way, you will meet new friends. Gather them and fight together according to your strategy. The ultimate aim is to find out the truth behind the vicious demon’s attacks and put an end to it before it’s too late. Can you succeed?


The genre of interactive games with storylines is no longer new to many players these days. You will follow the plot flow and make important decisions. Through the dialogues between many characters, you will understand what is happening. After each situation, you will be presented with 2 to 3 different options. Each choice will change the plot development in a different direction. So you can control what happens to you. Remember, your choices will have a direct impact on the final outcome. So, the happy ending or failure, it’s all in your hands.



Kyndia’s best female swordsman with countless resounding feats is none other than Katerina. She will be an invaluable asset on the battlefield… Katerina’s talent is undeniable, but she also has her weaknesses. Past trauma and current danger combine to make Katerina seem self-conscious. Can you help her unleash her hidden talent? If you help her overcome her past fears, you will have a really great right hand in every battle!


Elena is a clothed woman who has dedicated her life to taking care of orphans. She always tries to find the best for them in every situation. But in the face of the horrors of war, something deep inside flares up and Elena becomes a completely different person… Can you help keep Elena safe from what lurks inside?


The Demon King’s daughter, Minerva is a hot-tempered leader who cares deeply for her people. Loud, brash and always trying to get justice for past injustices, Minerva is a great help if she helps you. But when this passion leads her astray, can you help her get back on the right track?

Game interface

I woke up and now I’m a knight is an interactive game, so it won’t have too high graphics. The main interface throughout the game is the illustration and dialogue of the character. There is no voiceover, you have to read it all yourself. This is like you are reading a book, and in fact it is. However, the in-game animations and realistic expressions of the characters make it easier to immerse yourself in the plot.

MOD APK version of I woke up and now I’m a knight

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices: you don’t need to spend RUBY to unlock them. This allows you to select them from the start.

Download I woke up and now I’m a knight MOD APK for Android

I woke up and now I’m a knight will give you the experience of an engaging and engaging storyline. Thereby, you will also feel the cruelty of war. The losses it leaves behind are too great to be compensated for. You will experience for the first time the feeling of being applauded by everyone as you lead them to the final victory. In addition, happy and romantic love will come to you and the other beautiful girls. Too many great experiences you can only find in this game!

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