Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets)

Last updated: 04/08/2022 (1 week ago)

Latest Version:2.0.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Webelinx Games
Package:Google Play Link

Choice game with lots of episodes and no taboos! Make decisions, choose your story and enjoy many dream romance novels when experiencing the Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK game. The plot is updated every day, unlimited exploration!

Introducing Love Story Romance Episodes

Currently, there are many interactive games with a love story that you can easily find. But most are single-player games, and they only have a single storyline. Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK is like a vast library of novels with plots of all genres. You are free to role-play, choose your favorite storyline and start interacting with it. This game is not for young children because the plot contains strong episodes, not suitable for age.

More storylines

The difference of Love Story Romance Episodes from similar games is that it has more storyline. Every day the publisher also updates new novels for you to choose from. The content is also quite diverse to avoid users getting bored. You can try out classic pure romance novels like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Or do you prefer more exciting, adventurous shows with strong and hot details like MAFIA BABY DADDY. This game offers you quite a few unique genres, but most of it still revolves around love.

Some of the most loved user stories

We will recommend you some of the best storylines in the game. These are all stories that are highly appreciated by users and have huge interactions. So many chapters and choices, you won’t be able to put your phone down while experiencing this game.


It sounds like you are not satisfied with your current situation. You have to comfort your loved one while you are pretending to be in a happy relationship. But you’ll soon find that the task is half the work, half the fun. Will you give in to dreamy romance or infatuation – it’s just your choice!


In this story, you will transform into a promising young artist. You have the opportunity to experience the high-class and rich lifestyle of the elite. You accept a date with a rich man who loves art and beautiful things. Does he really love you or is he just interested in how you look? Only time will answer this question of yours!


In the university environment, you will experience some unimaginable love stories. You like flirting with cute and innocent guys. But that’s just a temporary hobby, because the big turning point is about to come for you. A perfect man comes along and makes you change everything. He is a more mature person, not cute but quite masculine and successful. Are you ready to break this taboo?

Change the character’s appearance according to each plot

Love Story Romance Episodes allows users to create their own characters. It offers a diverse fashion collection with modern style. You can freely choose and build your character’s style. In particular, it has all the necessary fashion sets for you to get acquainted with the work. A schoolgirl uniform, office vest or luxury suits of the rich… will be available for you to be ready to role-play.

Visual novel gameplay

Follow the progress of the story

In each story, you play as the main character. You will be faced with many unexpected, possibly awkward situations. Love Story Romance Episodes will lead the story with beautiful illustrations. Character dialogues, narration will help you understand what is going on. As a result, you can proactively handle unpredictable developments in the future.

Make your choice

You can control everything that happens in all storylines, so be careful with your decisions. You never know when you will have to make a choice. Occasionally, the screen will display 3 options for you to consider. Each choice will push the main action in a different direction. The important thing is still up to you, choose the case that you think is the most appropriate in that situation. Don’t forget, each such choice will directly affect the final ending!

MOD APK version of Love Story Romance Episodesnce Games

MOD features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Tickets

Download Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK latest for Android

Coming to Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK, you will never feel bored. New storylines are constantly updated, unlimited and completely free. Feel free to interact with the plot and you can decide for yourself how to end it. This game is an amazing collection of interactive novels that you should not miss!

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