University Empire Tycoon v1.19 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 03/12/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.19
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
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Everyone has experienced a time as a student and student full of unforgettable memories. However, few people know what it feels like to be a principal and manage a school? So today we bring it to you! University Empire Tycoon is a game that simulates the management and development of a University. Do everything you can to make it one of the best Universities. Our MOD APK version will help you get there quickly, consider using it.

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Introduce about University Empire Tycoon

University Empire Tycoon is like a practice in business and management skills. This simulation game will allow you to implement your creative ideas and strategies. The mechanism in this is also quite practical when you have to go from 2 empty hands. You think this game will take a long time? Are not! Its idle feature will help you develop your strategy even while offline. A lot of interesting features are waiting for you in this great game.


In this game, you will open a university to solve the needs of students. Also make the right decisions to expand your business successfully. Customize classes, improve administration, provide the best sports facilities for students, or invest your spare money in hiring the best instructors. Every choice you make will have an impact on your growth strategy!

Build and scale up

Build new areas into your university campus! Open classrooms, sports fields, office buildings; opening recreation areas, faculty lounges, student clubs… Inaugurating new faculties and improving educational programs: Mathematics, Law, College of Medicine, Philosophy, Literature, Physics, Chemistry or Engineering. You have to grow intelligently to get to the distinct status you deserve. Your wise management will allow you to have a quality, spacious school. Study the situation, consider your abilities and invest your balance wisely!

Meet the needs of students

A university with many students will show that it is a quality school. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to attract students to enroll in your school. You must be aware of all their needs and adjust your growth strategy to meet their expectations! Provide your students with the best textbooks and scholarships, attracting the best students. Don’t forget to add after-school activities, it will make students feel comfortable in this school.

Hire and manage employees

Just like opening a restaurant, a business company, opening a university also needs employees. The first is the construction staff for them to develop large-scale projects such as building buildings, classrooms… Then there are cleaning staff, security guards to do logistics work for the school to be always safe. complete and clean. And of course, teachers are indispensable, the most important people in the school. Recruit the best teachers for all the subjects available. Each department will cover the basic needs of your business and you should manage your team wisely to make your university profitable.

Online competition

This is quite an interesting feature and it is also quite practical. Other players will also join the game and open universities. You and them are literally competitors. Now, you not only focus on developing the project, but also have to beat the other competitors. Putting your school’s name at the top of the rankings is the best proof of your talent.

Idle feature

This is a feature that allows your school to stay active even when you are away. With a simple set of strategies and staffing, you’re free to exit the game and let your employees do the work for you. You will get a lot of money back every time you go back online. If you find your income is too low, try a new strategy.


University Empire Tycoon is a simulation game, but it still has decent 3D graphics. Without too many colorful effects, this game brings the image of a busy school with students and a vibrant working atmosphere. Seeing your results is also a way to relax. Background music is also quite important in the game because it creates more inspiration and comfort. Therefore, you can see that the music should always be playing and changing continuously.

MOD APK ve University Empire Tycoon

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: You can freely expand and upgrade the architecture even if you don’t have enough money

Download University Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

If you love idle and management games, you’ll love University Empire Tycoon! This game gives you real business experience. Attractive gameplay with many features, you can spend all day with the phone. The graphics are beautiful and minimalist, making it comfortable for you to experience. Join us and show off your business talent now!

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