My City : Kids Club House APK v4.0.1 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 01/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.1
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:My Town Games
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever taken leave to help your kids have a home playground? Not only that, this playground has a large scale with 6 floors of all kinds of games. Indeed, with the game My City: Kids Club House, players will discover countless interesting and attractive things. The game will not be boring with lots of entertainment rooms, locations and characters. Please choose a favorite character to start the fun right now!

Introducing My City : Kids Club House

Games for children from 5 to 12 years old

You can see this is a game for kids by looking at its interface. Everything in My City: Kids Club House is safe, free from any harmful ads or features. You can freely let your child play and learn and explore everything in the game. The games inside Kids Club House are all healthy and entertaining.

Main features of the game

Diverse system

The place to explore is the newly opened Kids Club House with 6 floors. Inside it includes video games room, art room, library, music and especially a rooftop swimming pool. Moreover, countless other entertaining games are waiting for players to explore and experience. Players will experience the same experience with more than 20 characters who can move between games. More games mean players will have more characters to play with.

Learn while playing

There is so much more that you can explore around Kids Club House. Players can find locations that contain many special interesting things. Here, children’s thinking will be stimulated to decode the puzzles to receive valuable rewards. With the library room, players will expand their knowledge with all kinds of books such as the animal, plant world or fairytale world.

Entertainment with music

With the music room, players will enjoy exciting music performances. Exciting children’s songs will make players feel happy and excited. Not only that, the light around the room with all the colors will give the player the feeling of being in a real concert venue.

Many other entertainment areas

With a 6-storey design, Kids Club House has too many entertainment areas to explore. The food court helps players to enjoy many less unique and delicious cakes. Unleash your creativity with the fashion room, where children have countless outfits to create unique and strange outfits. There are also many other entertainment areas waiting for players to explore and experience by themselves. This game is like a doll house, where you can fully interact with the objects inside that you see. With fun characters and highly detailed locations, kids can role-play by creating and acting out their stories.

Play together

You can also explore Kids Club House with your kids to make them happier. The game supports multi-touch so children can play with everyone in the family on the same screen.

Graphics, sound

The game is designed with 2D graphics with vivid colors. Background is an entertainment area with many colors, beautiful lights that make players feel excited. The character is shaped cute, cute to match the child’s age. The vibrant and diverse internal sounds create a wonderful atmosphere like never before. Players will feel like living in a real-life entertainment area.

APK version of My City : Kids Club House

To be able to own this game on your computer, you need to spend about 2.99 USD. But in this article, you will experience without spending any money. We send you the APK file of My City: Kids Club House, which you can download and install for free.

Download My City : Kids Club House APK for Android

My City: Kids Club House is an extremely stress-relieving and entertaining game. Diverse game system, all suitable for small children and absolutely safe. On a side note, your device needs at least Android 4.4 or more to have the smoothest experience. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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