Bus Simulator City Ride v1.1.2 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 19/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.2
MOD Info:Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:astragon Entertainment GmbH
Package:Google Play Link

Bus Simulator City Ride APK is an extremely attractive bus driving simulation game, letting you adventure on the beautiful landmarks of Northern Europe. This game is becoming popular, loved by many players in recent times.

Introducing Bus Simulator City Ride

Bus Simulator City Ride is developed and published by Stillalive Studios and published by Astragon Entertainment. Accordingly, this game supports three different platforms: Android, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. Although the theme of simulation driving is not new, this game still offers an extremely interesting experience for players.

Grow your transportation company

Coming to the game, you will become the boss of a transportation company. Your task is to provide bus routes moving in the cities. The people in the city as well as visitors have the need to travel by bus. So you need to cater to their needs.

By unlocking the buses, you can help people have convenient transportation. And you are also the one who directly controls the bus to carry your customers. You will make quite a lot of money from this interesting job. This gameplay of the game has no pressure or stress, as long as you drive safely.

Collect a diverse collection of Buses

Bus Simulator City Ride game offers a pretty diverse bus collection for you to choose from. This collection is designed based on the copyrights of famous real car manufacturers. Examples include Alexander Dennis, Blue Bird, BYD, IVECO BUS, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Setra, Volvo and Vicinity Motor Corp. And in the future, the developer will add more new cars and brands for you to collect. The bus system is designed very detailed and realistic. Therefore, you can experience the game like you are driving a car in real life.

Not only can you choose the type of car, you can also design them yourself. With every car you own, there are many different options for you to customize. For example, change the paint color, apply decals, choose the logo, etc. With different options, you can create your own unique favorite car. In addition, you also need to regularly maintain and upgrade your car collection.

To unlock a car or upgrade a car, all operations require money. You can earn convenience by driving buses, serving people. After each trip, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the distance you travel. It is not easy for you to make a lot of money. So you need to spend it sensibly.

Show off your driving skills

As introduced, you are the owner of the transport company and the person who directly drives the car. Your task is quite simple, just drive the bus, pick up and drop off customers at bus stops. You start from the parking lot, then move according to the directions of the map and stop at bus stops. You can easily recognize those spots with the white frame drawn on the right side of the road. There will be waiting guests available.

You have to drive skillfully to stop the car within the allowed range. That is the pre-drawn white square frame. If you stop correctly, the surrounding paint line will have a light up effect. Otherwise, you must move forward or backward until the light comes on.

The car control system of Bus Simulator City Ride game is not like other simulation games. You will not control with the steering wheel, instead there are simpler navigation buttons. You will have control buttons such as left, right and forward, backward. Along with that are the buttons to honk the car horn, turn signal lights, brake the car, etc. In general, you only need to take the first few times to be able to master driving skills in the game.

Explore the big map with many locations

The task in the game Bus Simulator City Ride is quite simple, there is no pressure or stress. So you can consider driving as an adventure, traveling in famous places. The game offers an extremely diverse map for you to explore. Those are cities built on inspiration from Nordic cities. You can visit many places such as the warehouse area, the harbor, the old town and the countryside… Especially the coastal cities and villages, you will feel like you are traveling.

Simulated 3D graphics

Graphics are also a highlight of Bus Simulator City Ride. It is developed with pretty good quality 3D graphics. The images in the game are designed in a realistic simulation style. From the city, the road, the trees, the buildings, to the buses, the people… everything shows up in a real way. As a result, you will have an extremely enjoyable experience. But in return, high-quality graphics will require the device to have a good configuration to be able to play the game smoothly. And the capacity of the game is also quite large, about 1GB. So make sure your device is eligible to experience this game.

MOD APK version of Bus Simulator City Ride

MOD feature

  • Unlocked

Download Bus Simulator City Ride APK latest version Android

Bus Simulator City Ride is really an attractive simulation game for you. It not only allows you to satisfy your passion for driving, but also adventure and explore the beautiful cities and roads of Europe. Currently, the game is being sold on Google Play for about $ 4.99. If you want to play the game for free, choose our version of Bus Simulator City Ride APK that we provide! If you find the game good, don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can experience it with you!

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