Bus Simulator PRO v3.9.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Premium)

Last updated: 25/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:3.9.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money/Premium
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Sir Studios
Package:Google Play Link

Do you love bus driving? Download Bus Simulator PRO MOD APK to participate in an epic, realistic training. Create your own bus empire and expand it to many major cities around the world. Own path, own success, you will be a rich boss!

Introduce game Bus Simulator PRO

Currently, driving simulation games have appeared a lot on online game stores. We also introduced the heavyweight driving simulator in Ultimate Truck Simulator or the car driving in Racing in Car 2021. Today, another bus simulation game called Bus Simulator PRO MOD APK. You will be impressed with the surreal physics in the game. With it, you will feel like you are in a real driving training. Take the wheel and make safe rides now!

Bus Simulator PRO MOD 888x500
Design your very own stylish bus

New map option

To test your driving skills, the publisher has integrated a lot of maps. Each city is a challenge to your hand manipulation. When you complete the stage, the next city will be unlocked. You have the right to continue driving the old city or move to the new city to experience. Remember, the later, the more difficult and complicated roads are always waiting. Prove your talent by completing every track perfectly.

Many buses to choose from

From classic to modern, the publisher has created for you countless completely new bus models. Choose your favorite car to drive around the city or complete missions freely. You can build your own large bus park and collect many unique bus models. Then hire employees to help you generate income and perform multiple tasks at the same time.

If you are not satisfied with the default bus models, test your creativity! Freely design the bus model you like and decorate it. Shop for expensive engines to keep your rides smooth. The numerous customizations offered of vinyls, rims, wheels, plating and paint… make for the most stylish bus in town.

Bus Simulator PRO 888x500
Pick up passengers and make trips safe

Surreal physics mechanics

Bus Simulator PRO applies realistic physics to create a perfect simulator. You will feel like you are driving in reality. It is authentic from the perspective, the context to the sound of the engine. Even the starting and driving operations are completely realistic. With the help of the most advanced AI, Bus Simulator PRO becomes a most loved bus driving simulator today.

In addition to realism in driving, weather and time are also taken care of. Thanks to the improved graphics, you will be able to see the changing landscape. Day/night cycle, sunny weather, rainy weather and also real-time variation. Outside, the traffic system and pedestrians contribute to demonstrating the sophistication of the publisher’s graphic design.

Open a private establishment

After learning to drive a bus and directly undertake field trips, you will have a stable economic source. From there, you can think about opening your own establishment. Buy or design your own favorite bus models and make your first trip. Each safe journey, you will increase the credibility of your business. From there, you will receive more invitations and have more income. Hire more drivers to maximize the performance of the cars in the parking lot.

Bus Simulator PRO APK 888x500
Realistic physics and driving

Bus console

On the screen, you will have a lot of different control buttons. Those are all the most important, advanced features of the bus. Bus Simulator PRO uses left and right navigation buttons, not 360-degree steering wheel like other games. The screen also displays speed, temperature, fuel status and many other features. In particular, this game also integrates the “feedback from customers” feature. Can you see if your customers are satisfied with the trip? What complaints do they have? From there, you can improve to deliver better quality trips later.

MOD APK version of Bus Simulator PRO

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Premium

Download Bus Simulator PRO MOD APK for Android

Bus Simulator PRO MOD APK is more than just an ordinary bus driving simulator. It applies a lot of authenticity mechanics to your content that you can put into practice. You can consider this as your free and quality bus driving training session. Be prepared, a bus empire is waiting for you to build and grow ahead. A huge world and fun addictive gameplay, Bus Simulator PRO will be well worth your wait!

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