Coach Bus Simulator v2.0.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 13/07/2022 (11 months ago)

Latest Version:2.0.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Ovidiu Pop
Package:Google Play Link

Coach Bus Simulator MOD APK gives you a completely free bus driving course. Take the safest journey possible with your expert driving skills now!

Introducing Coach Bus Simulator

After Bus Simulator PRO, REDMOD continues to introduce to everyone another equally attractive driving simulation game. That is Coach Bus Simulator, a product of the publisher Ovidiu Pop. It has had more than 10 million downloads despite its short release. You will be participating in a new simulation world, where buses are the main means of transportation in each country. Acting as a driver, you will take your passengers to safe stops. It’s time to get in the car and drive through the most beautiful countries in the world!

Open world map

You can participate in driving for businesses in many countries around the world. Thanks to that, you will discover many beautiful and interesting places. Diverse maps, detailed simulation of each famous city. You will be driving the bus on beautiful and flat roads. Other vehicles also appear on each road and you will feel like you are actually driving in reality. Even with a small map to guide you, you can get lost because the city is extremely large and complex.

Realistic driving experience

You will act as a bus driver to take passengers to safe stops. Your travel route is already available and iterative. It looks boring, but it really isn’t. Along the way, you will constantly encounter unexpected challenges. Although the path is the same, the challenges will make you think about how to solve it properly. Thanks to that, you will reduce the boredom of the work loop.

Every stop has passengers waiting for you. You don’t seem to care where they want to go. The reason is because your route will repeat, going to each stop until the last station and then turning back. Just focus on driving carefully and try to handle the unexpected situations you encounter. On the empty roads, you can relax a little to admire the scenery, try to relax your mind.

If you are too bored with the current roads, you can go to another city. Dozens of the most beautiful cities in Europe are waiting for you to experience. If you do well at the current job, you can unlock more cities. You get acquainted with new streets, other friendly guests every day. Renovating your workplace also helps you have more fun new experiences.

Customize your bus

In this game you can choose one of many different car models to drive. You don’t have to buy them, you can’t even buy them. You can only upgrade parts and engines to make the machine run smoother. Change paint color, add stickers, decorative prints to make your car stand out more. Change the interior layout of the car so that you and your passengers feel more comfortable. Maintain a weekly maintenance routine to keep your vehicle at peak performance.

Simple controls

Coach Bus Simulator has many different controls for you to choose from. Virtual steering wheel, control direction or tilt the device, you can choose the control method that suits your habits. But most players will choose to use the virtual steering wheel to drive. It’s both easy to navigate and feels authentic. In addition, on the screen there are many other control buttons such as turn signals, horns, headlights, brake pedals, gas… There seem to be quite a few control buttons that you need to manipulate. But don’t worry, just drive a few times and you will get used to your hands and drive fluently.

Realistic graphics

For these realistic driving simulation games, the graphics are one of the main reasons for players to choose. They want to have the most authentic experience of this bus driving profession. Therefore, Coach Bus Simulator has been heavily invested in graphics by the publisher. The detailed 3D images, shading and smoothing effects leave you in awe. In addition, I am quite impressed with the way the city scene is designed so beautifully. The car design is diverse, the controls are realistic and detailed.

MOD APK version of Coach Bus Simulator

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Coach Bus Simulator MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, when you come to Coach Bus Simulator, you will experience a lot about bus driving. From the pilot stage to your first field trips. Each journey is an interesting lesson, it also involves practical knowledge. This is where you can satisfy your passion with your bus and also explore many other beautiful cities in the world. Download the game and join with REDMOD now!

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