Idol Queens Production v2.87 Mod APK (Never Stress & Fatigue, Schedule)

Last updated: 13/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.87
MOD Info:Never Stress & Fatigue, Schedule
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Sunbeesoft Co
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever wondered how YG company trained the idol group BlackPink? So find out now with us in the simulation game Idol Queens of K-Pop. All the process from enrollment, training and debut, you can do it. Heading an entertainment company directly, what a great thing! Our MOD APK version will help you to achieve success soon.

Producer: Choose your Star also a similar game, you can train fashion stars, actors, singers…

Introduce auout Idol Queens Production

Idol Queens Production is an idol modeling simulation game released by Sunbeesoft Co. You will become the producer, and manage everything as the director. Directly train potential contestants and turn them into idols. From there, you can earn a lot of money and become rich. Expand your company and make it worldwide. Sit down and start your first jobs now!

Construction of training facilities

First of all, you need to create a professional workspace. Buy the most essential tools such as musical instruments, recordings… Next, build dance studios, vocal training rooms or even a gym. Not only good expertise, appearance is also extremely important for an idol. When all is ready, you can start enrollment.


Recruit these interns and form a unit to see their best performance. You are the one who has the right to participate in the selection, the decision maker. Therefore, choose the trainees that you feel have the most potential. If your company has a reputation, more potential candidates will participate in the selection.

Once selected, communicate with your first trainees. They will work more effectively when they receive comfort from the manufacturer. The “Diary” function will show you the special stories and SNS photos of your future idols.

Professional training system

K-Pop idols are always judged strictly for their expertise. Therefore, you need a systematic, professional and effective training system. In addition to vocals, choreography is essential to being an idol. You should hire highly qualified people to guide your trainees in choreography. They will automatically come up with teaching methods, and of course you also have the right to change if you don’t like it. Regular tests will give you an overview of training performance. If your idol achieves the set tasks, they can officially debut to the audience.

Not only appearing as a singer, you can also make them more diverse. Covering all media as actors and models. Or they can sing musicals, mukbang… The more appearances, the more popular they are. This also means you get more profit.

Fashion collection

K-Pop fashion always has its own characteristics and it is loved all over the world. You also need to do that with your idol. In the game’s store, there are countless outfits with various designs. Be it beautiful short dresses, cool clothes… you can choose. Everything from apparel, accessories and shoes is available in the store. Let your idols present the audience with the best and varied outfits in all the shows. Turn your idol into a fashionista!

Top performance

Your idol will appear on every stage under beautiful 3D images. Professional dance moves, pretty looks create extremely eye-catching images. Combined with the colorful spotlights and top-notch music, you’ll find it satisfying to see the audience mingle and the idol’s night out. It is also a testament to the success of your idol training.

Voting contest

What do you think about a favorite idol poll? Idol Queens Production also features real-time voting with other players. Your idols will be classified by region, then others will vote together. The ranking will be divided after the poll ends. The top winners will receive many valuable rewards. Therefore, do whatever it takes for your idol to win the hearts of the audience.

More interesting events

In addition to training, there is a lot to do to develop your idol and manage your company. Create albums, create streaming channels for gaming/restaurant reviews/cooking, manage merchandise stores, take promotional quiz and find fans to complete quests. Raise the popularity of idols while gaining the trust of the stakeholder! Daily quests also give you many rewards. Those are simple tasks, so don’t skip them!

Great graphics

At first sight, we are sure that you will be impressed by the graphics of Idol Queens Production. This is a simulation game that we highly recommend for graphic design. The stage and light images show a top-notch musical space. The movement of the character is smooth and flexible so you can feel the charm of the choreography. Combined with high-quality sound and catchy songs, it makes for a top-notch musical performance that’s not inferior to any real-life K-Pop idol.

In addition, there is the space of a professional and complete training facility. All devices are designed to be realistic, highly detailed so you can feel a real working environment. Thoughtful graphic design contributes greatly to the appeal of this Idol Queens Production game.

MOD APK version of Idol Queens Production

MOD features

  • Never Stress & Fatigue
  • Unlimited Schedule

Download Idol Queens Production MOD APK for Android

Idol Queens Production is the perfect game for those who are passionate about K-Pop music. This game is loved and appreciated by many players around the world. The variety in gameplay and beautiful graphics create an attraction that is hard to refuse. You will experience for the first time what it feels like to be the director of a top entertainment company. Both entertainment and relaxation, it is also a place where you show your management and business abilities. A game as comprehensive as Idol Queens Production, can you refuse? You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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