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Last updated: 11/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.56.13
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Collect the strongest Ninja on your team to fight in Naruto Online Mobile APK! This game can be considered a super product because it is great from graphics to gameplay.

Introduce about Naruto Online Mobile

Naruto Online Mobile is a role-playing game product published by Tencent. It is a world famous entertainment company based in China. This game is inspired by the famous manga of the same name. All the characters included in this manga are designed and added to the character system in the game. For Android, to be able to play this game, you can just download our APK file below. For now, let’s explore the contents of Naruto Online Mobile with us!

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Collect famous character lines

Due to being inspired by the series of the same name, Naruto Online Mobile is available with all the characters in it. You can get Naruto, Sasuke, genin, jonin and even hokage. All ninja ranks included in this series are fully assembled. You can collect every ninja, but can only bring up to 4 people per battle. Besides, this game also has a charm feature. For example, when Naruto goes to battle with Jiraiya, the teacher and student attribute will be activated. These two characters will be combined with a significant amount of power to become stronger.

The characters will be assigned a power level based on the number of stars. On each of their cards you will see the number of stars displayed, up to 6 stars. The higher the number of original stars, the harder it is to find that character because they have tremendous power. If you own the original 6-star character, then surely that character has a huge carrying capacity. The number of stars can also be upgraded to a stronger character level. You just need to collect enough corresponding cards to proceed to upgrade the character.

Turn-based gameplay

Choose the 4 strongest people from the list you have to form a team. Arrange them into appropriate positions according to the fighting style to maximize their abilities. With turn-based gameplay, the characters will attack the opponent in turn. As soon as one side is destroyed, the match will be over immediately. This is a game that emphasizes the tactics of each player. You need to know which character needs to move first, how to arrange the formation to counter the enemy. Not every stronger will win, tactics also play a very important role.

The feature of this gameplay is that you will not have the resources to upgrade all 4 characters. Unless you play a lot to get a lot of resources. Therefore, my advice is that you should give everything to one character. From equipment, upgrades to cards to awaken the character, you should only focus on the strongest person. Other characters are mainly used to buff their power. I have tried many similar games and found this to be extremely effective.

Play Levels

Players will be guided to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the game. Such as fighting the Nine-Tails or using jutsu for the first time. This game offers turn-based tactical gameplay where the player will observe and use the character’s skills sensibly in battle. At the same time, all the actions of the character will be operated automatically, so strength and strategy are absolutely important things in the game.

Weekly quests and events

Naruto Online Mobile has loads of quests and events for you to do. The main plot has many different quest branches. It all gives you a lot of exp to level up, money to shop and upgrade. The main quest branch will help you dig deeper into your Ninja journey. At the same time, you will be able to unlock many different character routes to add forces to your squad. Weekly events are held where players can compete and win prizes. You can track the progress of events at the game’s homepage.

Extreme graphics

Naruto Online Mobile is developed with the latest visual technology. Graphics are designed by two leading game companies, Bandai Namco and Tencent. Extremely sharp 3D graphics, high quality images and many eye-catching effects. The character design is kept the same as the original animated version. Thanks to that, you feel like you are watching Naruto with a new plot. Especially the dramatic battles are combined by images and sounds. It creates great combinations and quality that you can’t take your eyes off.

APK version of Naruto Online Mobile

This game is currently only available on the iOS platform. As for Android, it has not been updated on Google Play. Therefore, we will send you the APK file of Naruto Online Mobile to download and experience. Completely free, now you can explore the game’s diverse character system and features.

Download Naruto Online Mobile MOD APK latest version for Android

Through this article, hope you have a better understanding of Naruto Online Mobile. This is really a super role-playing game that you should not miss. Downloading the APK file below is your only chance to experience this great game. Create your strongest team and win every opponent on the top Ninja leaderboard!

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