State of Zombie: Idle RPG v1.11.10 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 17/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.11.10
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

State of Zombie: Idle RPG is a unique RPG with a combination of role-playing and strategic gameplay. It gives you an extremely engaging and engaging experience!

Introducing State of Zombie: Idle RPG

State of Zombie: Idle RPG was released by NEBULA a few days ago. Although it has only been released as a test, this game is being interested by many players. Since the game is in beta, it will only be released in certain countries. In order for players around the world to experience the game right now, we have created the State of Zombie: Idle RPG MOD APK version. This version is free, easy to install, and adds unique modding features.


Game State of Zombie: Idle RPG is developed with the theme of survival in the Zombie pandemic. An organization that researches genetic mutations is working on the HB plan. They wanted to create creatures with more special abilities than humans. But that plan did not work as expected. On the contrary, that experiment produced a monster, which escaped.

This monster goes to attack humans, anyone attacked by them becomes a zombie. Just like that, soon this world was invaded by zombies. The entire world is in danger of extinction. No one wanted that to happen, so the surviving heroes gathered in a zombie-killing squad. In this war, you are their commander, controlling them to participate in dramatic battles.

Character and weapon system

Game State of Zombie: Idle RPG offers an extremely diverse character system. These characters need to be collected in the form of cards. Summon all heroes to your team. From the lowest level characters, clowns to legendary characters all have their own unique abilities. So you have to summon all those characters to prepare for this fierce battle.

In addition, the weapon system also has many choices for you. You must know how to arrange a reasonable battle formation with different characters and weapons.

Craft unique vehicles

Usually, other games of the same genre will bring available vehicles for you to choose from. But in State of Zombie: Idle RPG, you can create your own unique vehicles. Currently there are 6 different types, after completing the mission, you will receive a series of new vehicle types. For example Cross, Sawtooth, Medical, Artillery, even more Helicopters and Commanders. Once you have those vehicles, you can self-assemble to create new vehicles of your own.

Strategic role-playing gameplay

The zombies are besieging your entire area. Your mission is to bring your heroes to fight them. You must solve them everywhere to bring life and peace to your city, as well as the whole world. Just choose your character, they will fight the enemies and destroy them quickly. Of course, you must have the right strategy when facing a lot of zombies that appear in the battle.

You need to complete missions in many different locations. Currently, zombies are besieging 7 different areas. Let’s solve each different area by killing all those zombies.

In addition to the main story mode, you can also participate in the arena to conquer the ultimate hells. You will get a lot of valuable rewards in this game mode.


State of Zombie: Idle RPG possesses an impressive 2D graphics background. The image in the game is also designed quite popularly, there is no difference compared to other games of the same genre. The highlight only comes from the visual effects, the character’s skill effects in the match. It’s a pity that the game is only invested in 2D graphics. If it is equipped with a high-quality 3D graphics background, it will certainly bring a much better experience. And of course, it will be loved by more players.

MOD APK version of State of Zombie: Idle RPG

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode

Important Note: You should not abuse the MOD feature, or you will be banned. For easy levels, you should conquer it yourself. Only when encountering difficult levels will you use the MOD feature. If you’re stuck when the game loads at 0%, chances are you’ve been banned.

Download State of Zombie: Idle RPG MOD APK latest version for Android

With an attractive gameplay, State of Zombie: Idle RPG has attracted a lot of players. It’s just a pity that the game’s graphics have not been invested much by the developer. But anyway, it’s an engaging strategy RPG that you shouldn’t miss. If you like easier gameplay, choose the State of Zombie: Idle RPG MOD APK version of REDMOD.

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