Assassin’s Creed Rebellio v3.5.6 Mod APK (Immortality)

Last updated: 22/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.5.6
MOD Info:Immortality
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Ubisoft Entertainment
Package:Google Play Link

Gather the most powerful assassins to fight the enemies raging in Spain! Download Assassin’s Creed Rebellio MOD APK and start your assassin journey now!

Introduce about Assassin’s Creed Rebellio

Assassin’s Creed Rebellio is a mobile strategy role-playing game. It was released exclusively for mobile devices. As a new version of Animus, the game will give you a variety of experiences about the memories of dozens of different assassins. An immersive version that is perfectly upgraded from graphics to features, I believe this is one of the most worth playing games that you should not miss!


In Spain, there are two groups of assassins still fighting each other for thousands of years. It was the Assassin guild and the Knights Templar guild with equal strength. Throughout the course of human history, this war seems to show no sign of ending. The Assassins’ Guild is a righteous faction, they fight for human peace. They wanted everyone in the world to be able to take control of their own lives instead of losing consciousness because of the power of the Knights Templar. They stole treasures from the heavens, giving them a terrifying power. You will join the game to find that treasure and return it to where it belongs.

Discover the Assassins Guild

In the game Assassin’s Creed Rebellio, you will be able to experience more than 70 character routes. Each is a talented assassin with unlimited upgradeable power. In it, there are mediocre, high-class to legendary characters. Each assassin has his own strengths and points. You just need to capture information from each assassin to be more flexible in choosing a character for each specific situation.

Train and upgrade your character to be stronger. Promote your assassins to the highest ranks to strengthen your Brotherhood and defeat the Knights Templar. You will need time to learn about the abilities of the characters you own. From there, you will know which stats to upgrade for them to achieve maximum strength in that moment.

Manage equipment and upgrades

You will receive equipment pieces when completing quests or matches. Random pieces of small to high tier items will be sent to your inventory. Once you have collected enough required pieces, you can unlock the equipment. Each of these items is classified by the number of stars printed on it. 4-star equipment will be stronger than 3-star equipment and the same goes for all other equipment. In addition, you can also upgrade your equipment so that it grows stronger than the original stats.

At the headquarters, you can use several function rooms. The training room will help to upgrade the character to improve their stats and rank. The crafting room allows you to craft a variety of weapons and equipment to equip your character. These rooms can also completely be upgraded to better quality.

Countless quests for you

The list of tasks that you can pick up and do is extensive. Since the story of the game is quite long, you will have to complete each development. Each chapter will include multiple locations and each location will include multiple quests.

  • Send your team of Assassins on secret missions across Spain.
  • Choose the perfect combination of heroes to achieve the goal.
  • Develop your own strategy and use unique Assassins skills to infiltrate the Templar strongholds and thwart their plans.
  • Fight your way or adopt a more stealthy approach. Choose wisely to always gain the edge!

Join limited time events

You can discover new events every week in this game. Find out about new settings and other eras previously included in the event. Timed events will include many valuable rewards. If you complete them all, you’ll even get a whole set of powerful gear. Earn extra rewards and a chance to unlock new Rare Assassins. Join other players around the world to compete in the leaderboard. Reach the top of the leaderboard and win even bigger rewards!

MOD APK version of Assassin’s Creed Rebellio

MOD feature

  • Immortality

Download Assassin’s Creed Rebellio MOD APK latest version for Android

A world of assassins is waiting for you to come and explore! Assassin’s Creed Rebellio has a lot of interesting features and many dramatic battles to the second. You will not regret choosing this game for entertainment every time you have free time. This game is completely free, but it will also have some items that must be paid for with real money so be aware. For now, you can download the game via the link below!

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