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Last updated: 01/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.32
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The game Never After was officially released after a short time of being introduced. This is an adventure role-playing game that promises to be popular around the world in the near future.

Introduce about Never After

As you probably already know, NetEase is one of the most famous game companies in the world today. In the past year or so, they’ve released quite a few new games to the market. A lot of players expect high quality products from this developer. Recently, NetEase has officially returned to the mobile game market with a new role-playing game product, Never After.

Never After was introduced a few weeks ago, and now has a trial version. The full version of the game will be released soon. In this article, we introduce the most impressive points in the game Never After. Then, you can download the Never After MOD APK that REDMOD provides at the link at the end of the article.

Fairy tale world

The context of the game takes place in a fantasy world, where many different fairy tales are gathered. A large world is opened, giving players an extremely exciting adventure journey. In the game Never After, the developer has selected many famous fairy tales to build into a new interesting plot. Featured are famous stories such as Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Dreamland of Dreams, Cursed Forest, Highland of Doze…

The developer draws inspiration only from those series, relying on familiar characters to create a completely new adapted story. Thanks to that, players will have an experience that is both familiar and new. You will be with Little Red Riding Hood to participate in a dramatic battle, not “lighting a match” to pray like the original plot anymore.

Adventure journey with familiar characters

Coming to, you can choose for yourself a character to start the adventure journey. You can choose from familiar characters from your childhood, when you read fairy tales. Your journey will meet characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Monster… These characters appear with the same appearance as the original. But they have new stories that you have to discover. You can choose more companions on this trip. They can be your loyal teammates until you conquer all challenges.

Join the matches

In the adventure journey, you also have to defeat the enemies who are destroying the fairy world. Your mission is to protect the peace of this beautiful world. No one can destroy this place. Choose trusted friends to fight the enemy with them. Those will be extremely dramatic matches, with a lot of the usual parts for you.

Each character in the game has different fighting skills. You can choose the right skills, or combine them to create powerful combos. The matches in the game are not as intense as traditional role-playing games. Those matches are mainly for the player to complete the story of the game.

Lots of fun activities

In addition to the adventure journey and role-playing matches, Never After offers many other exciting activities. Players can freely explore with a variety of activities every day. You can play with dragons and witches at night, or spend a romantic night at a luxurious castle… You can even create your own cozy home. Here, you can garden or cook. Or you can go for a walk in the beautiful places in the game. This is a free adventure game, so you can do whatever you want.

High quality 3D graphics

The games that NetEase brings always have high-quality graphics. And so is this Never After game, it is equipped with a beautiful 3D graphics background and attracts all the attention. You can easily see that through the game introduction images. The environment, the scenes in the game are built as beautiful as in a dream. You will feel like you are directly entering the fairy world.

Moreover, the character creation is also extremely eye-catching. Familiar characters, shaped with enchanting beauty. Those visuals are still based on the original, so you can easily recognize your favorite childhood character. In addition, the character’s skills are also designed with beautiful and magical effects.

MOD APK version of Never After

MOD features

Menu MOD: Atk Speed x1-x10

Download Never After MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Never After is really a great game for you. Not only has a unique storyline, but the gameplay and graphics of the game are highly appreciated. It will certainly be a hit MMORPG in the near future. Right now, you can download Never After MOD APK to enjoy this fascinating game!

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