ANGELIC LINK R v1.0.0 Mod APK (Overkill DMG)

Last updated: 20/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.0
MOD Info:Overkill DMG
Publisher:DMM Games
Package:Google Play Link

ANGELIC LINK R MOD APK is a role-playing game that explores the virtual world, where you can meet fallen angels and date anyone.

Introduce about ANGELIC LINK R

If you are looking for a role-playing game with simple gameplay but still attractive, then ANGELIC LINK R will be a great choice for you. This is a role-playing game with stress-free gameplay, which also incorporates a dating element. As a result, you will have a truly entertaining experience. You don’t need to focus too much on game skills or winning. The goal of all players in this game is to date beautiful angels.

Interesting plot

You are an ordinary person, and you are bored with your daily life. You get tired of busy jobs and bad luck. And an opportunity to change fate has come to you. One day, when you were coming home from work after a bad day, you were hit by a truck. After that accident, you were reincarnated into a whole new world. There, you can meet many beautiful angels and start a new life with them.

The first appearance is Lucifer, a fallen angel with superhuman magic. At the beginning of the game, you and the angel Lucifer entwined and fell from the sky. Both fell into a church. She was the top power in the heavens, but coming to earth, the magic was greatly reduced. But she seems to enjoy life here. From there, you will explore this world with Lucifer. You will also meet many other angels and fight many enemies.

Simple role-playing gameplay

The gameplay in the game ANGELIC LINK R is built quite simply. You are accompanied by the angel Lucifer in this new world. And you have to encounter the enemies that appear in the adventure. Along the way, you will collect many more angels on your team. They can both help you fight your enemies and help you feel happy. The battles in the game are quite simple. Your task is only to choose the character and skills, the rest will automatically fight.

Character development and upgrade

The character system in the game is quite diverse. The first is the main character system, you get to meet a lot of beautiful angels. Each of them has their own beauty, but one thing in common between the angels is charm. This charm makes any guy mesmerized. After collecting the angels, you need to upgrade their strength and constantly develop them. That helps you quickly win battles. There are many weapons, items and costumes for you to choose for your angel. In addition, you can use angels as a cheering system, to increase damage in battle.

Dating with angels

After the battles, you can join another interesting activity which is dating. The angels in the game love you very much, ready to do anything for you. So you have the opportunity to chat, flirt with those beautiful angels. Especially extremely romantic dates. Or simply walk together in this beautiful world.


MOD feature

  • High Overkill DMG (~1000k)

Download ANGELIC LINK R MOD APK latest version for Android

Not only the gameplay of ANGELIC LINK R is extremely attractive, but the image in the game is also quite impressive. The angels are shaped extremely beautiful and seductive. In particular, the character appears with two different forms. One is that when they fight, they are sculpted into a cute little chibi style. As for the dating scenes, they are made into a much more beautiful and sexy Anime style. Don’t take any more of your time, you can download ANGELIC LINK R MOD APK right now to experience the game!

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