Rise of Eros APK v1.0.700 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 17/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.700
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 9.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Rise of Eros APK is an action role-playing game that is being interested by many players at the moment. It has attracted millions of players in just over a day of being released. You won’t find a better role-playing game than Rise of Eros at the moment!

Introduce about Rise of Eros

If you are looking for an action role-playing game with outstanding quality graphics, then Rise of Eros is a name not to be missed. This is a product of the developer THE SHADOW STUDIO and is released on the EroLabs platform. You cannot find the game on Google Play or the AppStore. Therefore, we bring you a completely free version of Rise of Eros APK for you to easily install and experience.

Accordingly, Rise of Eros is heavily invested with high-quality 3D graphics. It is considered a mobile game with the same quality as a PC game. Therefore, this game is creating a great attraction in the entertainment market around the world. Here is a brief introduction to the game, and then there will be a link to download the game for you!

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Fantasy plot

Game Rise of Eros takes you to a vast fantasy world, where there are people, gods, and monsters. At the dawn of the world, two goddesses were created. Those are the god Eros and the goddess Aphrodite. But in the period of development and growing ambition of the forces, so many gods appeared. That’s why the gods wanted to rule this world. And the fierce battle between gods and monsters began. During that war, Eros was sealed in an Ancient Ruins. From there, the world fell into the age of atheism.

After several millennia, the continent of Dienne is in trouble due to the lack of protection from the gods. At that time, an ancient society scholar, Inase, went to the Ancient Ruins, where Eros was sealed. He accidentally broke the seal and awakened Eros. And the journey of the game begins from then on, you will join Inase to start an adventure journey with beautiful goddesses.

Turn-based role-playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game is developed quite simply. It’s a turn-based role-playing game. Along the journey of discovery, you will come to many different places. In each place, you have to confront many different enemies. You must destroy them, to uncover the mysteries of humanity, and conquer the gods.

Initially, you only have two main characters who are two goddesses with strong fighting abilities. Accompanying the two goddesses is a robot. You will conquer each location, defeating all enemies through each battle. During the match, you will play in turn to take down the enemy as quickly as possible. You do not need to control the character, but only need to choose the skill so that the character automatically fights. Keep doing this until your team wins. Conversely, if you are defeated by the enemy, you will lose and play that level again.

If you are not confident in your control, you can choose the automatic mode. This mode will automatically make appropriate choices about skill selection. In those skills can be attack, defense or heal. However, victory will depend on the stamina and attack power of the characters. So the most important thing in the game is character upgrading.

Character system and development

Rise of Eros game offers an extremely diverse character system for you to choose from. Initially, you only have two main characters and a robot to accompany you. During your adventure, you will collect or unlock new characters. It could be a goddess, or a new, more powerful robot. However, the most important thing is still the upgrade for the character.

You have many different options for development. The most basic way to develop is to level up the character. Through each match, you will collect experience points, when reaching a certain point, the character will be upgraded. Or you can use money to upgrade your character’s stats. In addition, you can also use items such as costumes, accessories and potions to make your character stronger and stronger. And the game also has a lot of different weapons for you to choose for the characters in the team.

Your enemies will appear more and more powerful. So development and upgrading is the most important. You must constantly upgrade your strength and equip your character with the best accessories and weapons. You can’t win without upgrading your character regularly.

High quality graphics

The most impressive point of Rise of Eros is the graphics. This game is extremely invested in graphics and images. It is created by the most advanced technology available today, creating an extremely high quality 3D graphics background. As a result, players will enjoy a game with high definition, a more realistic experience than ever.

Every image in the game is designed extremely detailed. You are exploring a large open world with many epic scenes. But the most prominent thing to mention is the character creation. From the main characters to the supporting characters are created in great detail. The main characters are goddesses, shaped with enchanting beauty. They possess a beautiful face, along with a body that is deadly attractive. Any player is mesmerized by their beauty.

In addition, the character’s skill effects are equally impressive. Each character has its own skills. At the same time, each skill is designed in a unique style and has extremely vivid sound and lighting effects.

Sound and background music in Rise of Eros

To get the most authentic experience, the sound and music are also very well completed. Each stage in the game has different background music, suitable for each situation. Moreover, each character is voiced by professional artists. The voices and sounds of the girls in the game are so realistically integrated that you feel like you are directly entering the fantasy world of the game.


In addition to the basic game modes, the game is also updated with regular events. These events are open to all players worldwide to participate. Each event has its own tasks for you. When participating in the event, you have the opportunity to receive various rewards. It could be weapons, items, gems, perfume, or new characters… Currently, the event going on is the Jokers Party Opening. To participate in this event, you must pass story stages 2-5. And this event will end on October 18. Then will be updated with new special events!

Update October 11th: The developer added Chapter 7 “The Mysterious Stalker”.

Download Rise of Eros APK, IPA latest version for Android, iOS.

In summary, the game Rise of Eros is highly appreciated for its graphics. The turn-based role-playing game is nothing new. In particular, you can also enjoy the sweet love scenes between the main character and the goddesses. That is also the goal of the player in this game. When you reach certain achievements, you will unlock those love cutscenes. What are you waiting for, if you haven’t immediately downloaded Rise of Eros APK to experience this great game! We offer both the APK version for Android and the IPA file for iOS for you to choose from.

Note: this game is only for players over 18 years old!

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