Avabel Lite v2.0.2 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 23/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.2
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 6.0
Publisher:Asobimo, Inc
Package:Google Play Link

How long has it been since you played an MMORPG? It seems that this genre of game is not as popular as before. But today, REDMOD introduces you to an extremely attractive new MMORPG game. It’s Avabel Lite, a role-playing game developed based on the famous Avabel game franchise.

Introducing Avabel Lite game

Avabel Lite was opened for registration some time ago. And recently, Asobimo game company has officially launched Avabel Lite. This is a new version in Asobimo’s hit Avabel series. Each new version in this series retains the tradition of the old version. And of course there will be new points so that the game is not boring. And the Avabel Lite version is a new breakthrough in this series of games when it comes to more novelty and attractiveness.

Accordingly, the game Avabel Lite is developed with the gameplay of the MMORPG genre. This is the classic action role-playing game genre but never goes out of fashion. Coming to the game, you will be adventure in the world of Avabel, create characters and start the never-ending war. Along with that is the refreshed 3D graphics in the extremely cute Chibi style.

Role-playing action gameplay

As introduced above, Avabel Lite is developed according to the multiplayer action role-playing game (MMORPG). Join the game, you will be entering the dramatic battles with many other players around the world. The game offers many different chowu modes for you to choose from, not boring. Be it large-scale cooperative battles, guild or party battles. If you like to play alone to assert your strength, play the 1-on-1 mode.

As a role-playing game, but the tactical element when playing is indispensable. For single player mode, skill determines most of the victory. But with the team game mode, it is very important to build individual and team tactics. The good combination between players of the same faction helps your team get the most convincing victory.

In particular, the game has an idle system that automatically fights even when not online. This system helps you to not play and still receive a number of valuable items. More specifically, the system can also train your character even when you are not logged into the game. Thanks to that, you don’t have to spend too much time playing the game and still get the desired results.

Character system

The game offers a character system that is not too diverse. However, your character can be changed in many different styles so that you do not get bored when playing the game for a long time. Specifically, the game has many different character classes, each with their own skills and fighting styles. And the special feature here is that you can change the character class for the character you are playing.

Usually, when you play other role-playing games and want to change the character class, you have to start over from the beginning. Of course, that’s not easy because you have to develop from scratch. But in Avabel Lite, you can change the character’s profession whenever you want. Accordingly, the level and strength of the character after changing the profession remains the same. This feature of Avabel Lite is really unique and is being evaluated quite well by players.

By easily changing the character system, you will get a more diverse and interesting experience. You are not confined to a certain character. Every time you change, you get used to a new style. Experiment with all the character sets to find the career that best suits your playstyle.

Item system

As a traditional role-playing game, of course the item system is quite important. A character can become much stronger by equipping good, suitable items. Game Avabel Lite offers an extremely diverse system of stalls for players to freely buy and sell. Here, you can exchange and buy all kinds of items such as weapons, armor, support items, …

Each character will be suitable for different types of items. Therefore, you can exchange or trade your items with many other players. The purpose is to get the items you want, or you simply want to be a merchant who trades in items.

Cute style 3D graphics

Avabel Lite is equipped with 3D graphics, designed in an extremely cute Chibi style. This is the visual style that is typical of games from Japan. First, we can see the landscape in the game is created majestic, large and beautiful colors. Next is the shaping for the whole character system, the monsters are quite eye-catching.

All manipulations and movements of the game are smooth and flexible. Especially the light effects, beautiful techniques in the characters’ moves. Along with that, the background music and sound effects bring you the most vivid experience.

MOD APK version of Avabel Lite

MOD features

Menu MOD

  • God Mode;
  • Attack Multiplier;
  • Increased compatibility: The mod can work on devices that do not have a working original.

Installation Instructions

  • First, download our MOD APK version at the link below;
  • Please grant permission to install the application in Settings > Security > Unknown sources;
  • Next, open the downloaded APK file to install the game;
  • Once the game has been installed, open it up. The system requires permission to display on other applications, you need to grant the Avabel Lite game permission.
  • Finally, you can experience it!

Download Avabel Lite MOD APK for Android

Avabel Lite continues to be an excellent new version in the cult Avabel brand. What are you waiting for without downloading this game right away and enjoy it! You can choose the original from Google Play, or our MOD APK. Each version has its own interesting points, depending on your preferences.

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