MeChat v4.18.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Last updated: 11/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.18.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Diamonds
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:PlayMe Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Find your perfect match at MeChat MOD APK! This amazing simulation game will make you more open and comfortable in dating. Meet a variety of characters and hone your communication skills in countless engaging storylines.

Introducing MeChat

Welcome to this brand new virtual experience game for Android! MeChat is a dating simulator where you can freely express who you are. You will participate in many different storylines and make decisive choices. Each choice affects the story and you are the director of your own destiny in it. Dozens of different characters and many unexpected situations and events are waiting for you!

Be whoever you want to be

MeChat is a place where you can freely express who you are. In addition, this is also a place where you try to experience some other aspects and interests of yourself. You can be anyone, do anything you want. Do you want to be an elegant man, a beautiful woman or a person of genderless beauty? Or you can just be yourself, create a clone of yourself in the game and live your life in real life. You can do every job you’ve ever dreamed of, and experience a new life of greater comfort and freedom. MeChat is always a place for you or any other player to freely discover yourself!

Interact with various characters

Swipe and Match along with dozens of other characters waiting for you to join this game. The characters are all in different backgrounds and plots. They also have their default personality, you can refer to and find a way to talk appropriately. However, MeChat does not unlock all characters from the beginning. You must complete quests to unlock new characters. Most of the missions revolve around interacting and chatting with other characters. It could be increasing your friendliness, completing a date with a recommended character from the start…

Chat, date

The main feature that everyone wants to experience in MeChat is chat. You will and the character in it talk to each other through texting. It’s like talking to your friends via Facebook’s Messeger. There you can type text, send emoticons to the character. AI technology will help that character be able to respond to your messages like a normal person. They will also have feelings and will sometimes show them in front of you. Your task then is to solve their problem to increase the friendly point between the two.

Further, you can start dating people you like. Discover their hidden secrets and greatest fun in a variety of settings. Maybe this is your first time taking the initiative in front of someone of the opposite sex. But trust us, it will help you hone your communication skills and confidence. Really a good thing isn’t it?

Voice messages

Never appeared in a similar game, MeChat integrates voice messaging features. Your favorite characters can now send you voice messages to take the romance to another level. They are voiced by actors with extremely good voices. We recommend using headphones for a better experience. Don’t miss out on this unique and exclusive feature!

Give a gift

Buy cool gifts in the store and give them to someone you like. This is also a way for you to quickly increase their friendly stats. Speed up the process of getting acquainted, you will soon enter the dating stage. The store contains attractive gifts for all genders to suit each character. Although this is a free game, it also contains some items that pay for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

Make your choices

MeChat also acts as a visual interactive game. You can make choices that change a relationship. Two options appear and you have to choose one of them. Based on how you feel about that character, we believe you will know what to do. The decision to go deeper in that relationship or stop, is entirely up to you!

MOD APK version of MeChat

MOD features

  • Unlimited Diamonds : you will start the game with a large amount of Diamonds available.

Download MeChat MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, MeChat MOD APK is like a real dating game. You will feel more confident and comfortable when starting new relationships. Access to many different character lines, you can choose the one you like. Engage in interesting conversations, reveal secrets, increase your friendliness and gradually you can progress to dating relationships. Romance, adventure or drama, what awaits you ahead? Download the game and experience it now!

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