Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG v2.7.2 Mod APK (Money, God Mode)

Last updated: 10/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:2.7.2
MOD Info:Money, God Mode
Package:Google Play Link

Join Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG for you to experience the most engaging 3D RPG game of all time. Don’t miss out on new opportunities, combine different weapons and character classes to become endlessly stronger!

Introduce game Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG

Released by mobirix, this is an idle RPG game with real controls. You can control your hero to move and attack monsters. Of course, you can easily level up with the automatic hunting and item collection system. You can also join the arena with PvP antagonism if you are strong enough. Combined with eye-catching 3D graphics, too attractive for an RPG game. This is the game for you!


Dungeon Knight is an idle game, should you look at it meaninglessly? Is not! Control your hero to move, attack and use skills to wipe out monsters at the same time! The system of this game consists of 8 chapters, each chapter consists of 20 levels. You will clean up small monsters to collect gold and equipment, and upgrade your power. You can summon Boss at any time, just defeat it, you will pass the stage. Therefore, if you are strong enough, you will get through the fight very quickly.

In addition to the battle mode, you can also participate in PvP combat in the arena. This is the only type of ranked match in this game. More details we will talk in the section below the article.


Although Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG has only one character, it has many different character classes. Class will give you bonus gold, fever loading speed (when filled with fever will greatly increase the rate of violence) and attack speed. The higher the class, the larger this stat will be. Currently, the lowest classes are Infantry and Reconnaissance. Meanwhile, the highest class was the set of 7 Knights (Golden Dragon Knights, Demon Knights …)


You can learn all 3 skills in this game if you have enough gold. These skills are: Dam Dat, Red Blade and Storm Sword. These skills will have a cooldown after each use.

Equipment system, upgrade


Weapons are equipment that greatly increase the damage inflicted. The rarity of the item ranked according to the rank is listed on it: A <S <R <U <X. If you have X level equipment, you must play for a long time to be able to own it. 5 same equipment and the same tier, can be combined into new equipment with higher ranks. Example: 5 Great evil sword level XX will combine into Great evil sword rank XXX.


Each achievement will gain a different stat, based on the type you own. Dragon Wings will decrease Boss’s maximum health, while Unicorn Horn will increase the violence rate. There are many different types of relics, you can see them all in “Equipment”. In particular, the legendary relic, the most powerful item, will be unlocked when you pass level 20 of chapter 5.


Pets will help you increase damage (ATK) and the rate of gold drops. You can live with 3 pets at the same time. This number can be increased to 4/5/6/7 if you own A / S / R / U character class. Pets can be sold, if you have too much.


Your stats, weapons, character classes, and pets can all be upgraded with gold. However, it will have a success rate. The higher the level, the lower the percentage and the more gold it costs. As for the divine relic, you can only upgrade if there are 2 identical items. However, the success rate is always 100%.


This is a mode that is interested in by many players Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG. In this mode, they will show off their character’s strength to many other players. You and your opponent will fight 1vs1 over a period of 20 seconds, whoever inflicts the greater damage wins. Ranking is based on total points earned and you can only participate 30 times per day. Achieve high rankings in the arena, you will have a chance to get rare equipment.

Idle feature

Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG is a game where you can earn gold even when not online. Just press the “Auto” button, your character will automatically fight monsters, collect gold and equip. You will have huge resources every time you log into the game.

Chat online

You can contact and message with friends or other players through the chat box in the middle of the screen. There, you can also broadcast the world or receive messages from other players and system messages.


Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG is developed with beautiful 3D graphics. Feel the fascinating skill effects and high-quality lighting. Design backgrounds, characters, and equipment are highly detailed, colorful, and unique. Battle sounds, background music and character voices are also included in this game.

MOD APK version of Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG

MOD feature

You can choose 1 out of 3 MOD versions to download.


  • You can get things for free without watching ads.


  • 99% chance to upgrade Gear/class
  • Pet selling give many Hearts
  • Pet upgrade cost 0 Pets
  • High Attackspeed
  • 100% Crit Chance, Super Crit Chance, Ultimate Crit Chance
  • Instant Feaver



Download Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG MOD APK for Android

From gameplay to graphics, Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG is all worth 5 stars. This is a rare idle RPG game, well-tuned in content, unique in graphic design. After the experience, we found that this game is crowded with players and the chat channel is always on the go. It can be seen that this game is really attractive to players around the world. What about you? Join the game and experience it!

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