Destiny Girl v1.0.12 Mod APK (Game Speed Modifier)

Last updated: 21/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.12
MOD Info:Game Speed Modifier
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Next2Play Games
Package:Google Play Link

Today, we return to the familiar Anime style classic role-playing game genre. That is Destiny Girl, a new product from the publisher Next2Play Games.

Introduce about Destiny Girl

Coming to Destiny Girl, you experience an RPG with traditional gameplay. You are immersed in the role of beautiful girls, participating in epic dragon battles. And especially the Anime style image certainly does not disappoint you.


The game Destiny Girl has a fairly simple plot, giving players the freedom to explore and experience the game. The story in the game takes place in a fantasy world. This is where the battle between powerful warriors, and ancient dragons takes place. In this game, you are transformed into beautiful girls to start the adventure journey. It’s not just a journey to fight, but you also find the love of your life.

Character system

Usually, role-playing games offer a character system that is strong heroes, boys with special abilities. But in Destiny Girl, the main character system is mostly beautiful girls. They have an enchanting look in both face and body. This is the impressive point that players appreciate in this game.

Just because they possess enchanting beauty, doesn’t mean they are incapable of fighting. These girls have diverse fighting abilities, each with their own unique skills. You must collect these characters for your team, and choose the right character before entering the match. After each match, you also have to train new skills and power up your girls.

Strategic role-playing gameplay

Destiny Girl’s gameplay is developed in a turn-based role-playing style. Before the match, you have to choose the right girls into a perfect formation. And when entering the match with the opponent, you just need to choose the character and skills to attack the opponent in turn. To win, you must understand the abilities of each character and make a reasonable strategy.

The combat mechanism of the game is quite simple, more precisely idle. You just need to choose a character or skill, they will automatically fight without control. You just have to watch the match unfold according to your arrangement.

With an idle combat mechanism, but the strategic element in the game is extremely important. You must know how to build a squad based on the ability of each character. During the match, you also have to show your commanding ability through a change of strategy. Especially in real-time PvP battles, you have to face players around the world. You cannot defeat them without the strongest squad, and smart strategy.


Destiny Girl is only developed with 2D graphics, but the quality is quite impressive, no less than 3D games. The image is designed in the familiar Anime style, which you often see in other role-playing games. The most prominent is still the character creation. Beautiful girls possess hot bodies, making you unable to stop while playing games. The character in the game will display in two states. When in the idle and intro screens, they are detailed and extremely charming. When entering the battle, the character is designed in the form of a cute and simple Chibi.

Along with that are skill effects, visual effects and sound effects that are well-done. These factors contribute to a vivid experience for players.

Support language

Currently, the game is supporting English, Thai, Indonesian and Simplified Chinese. Because it is in the process of testing in the Open Beta version, the game only has such basic languages. The developer is adding more languages in upcoming updates!

MOD APK version of Destiny Girl

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • Game Speed Modifier
  • Increased compatibility with Android

Download Destiny Girl MOD APK latest version for Android

In summary, Destiny Girl is highly appreciated for character creation, but the gameplay and graphics are not too impressive. But anyway it is an RPG that you are worth to experience. Right now, you can download Destiny Girl MOD APK to start playing.

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