Will Hero v3.3.8 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 25/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.3.8
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:ZPLAY Games
Package:Google Play Link

Downloading Will Hero MOD APK you will have a lot of money to shop and upgrade. This platformer-runner adventure game is so addictive and you will spend hours every day with it!

Introduce about Will Hero

Will Hero is an arcade, action, platformer-runner game for Android. You can imagine this game is a combination of two extremely popular Mario and Temple Run games. Play the role of a real hero and rescue the princess, you will get her love. The adventure portal is open, you can start your journey at any time!

Simple plot

In Will Hero, you will play the role of a talented knight. The princess of the kingdom you live in has been taken away by the bad guys. The king to order you to go to find their lair and save the princess safely. With the sword in hand, you will alone cross all roads with powerful kicks, throwing knives and axes. This journey is not easy, please help our knight complete the task excellently!

Addictive adventure gameplay

Will Hero is not only a timer game but also a fun arcade, action and platformer game that can be played with just one finger. You just need to touch the screen to jump, to slash and throw. You can bring all the weapons you have in each level. It will be available on the screen for you to use at any time. You just need to focus on touching at the right time, in the right rhythm to defeat the bad guy gently.

You will have to go through the adventure with dozens of difficulties ahead. Cross floating islands to reach your princess’s captivity. Enemies are waiting, unexpected and dangerous traps are always lurking ahead. Complex terrain with many deep pools can also take your life at any time.

Explore many places

Countless dungeons and islands that you can go and explore. The journey around this tropical sea is difficult, but there are moments that make you comfortable. The stunning and majestic landscape makes you feel like you are walking, not a dangerous journey. Each location has some hidden story that you can learn. Especially the treasures left behind from the past that no one has discovered yet. It will be a great source of income for you to upgrade your weapons, equipment and skills.

Each location also comes with stacks of complex quests. But do not ignore them because the amount of exp and money received is quite significant. You’ll level up and unlock new locations, weapons, and features. Besides, money can be used to buy and upgrade equipment. Each location also contains a large treasure chest containing many valuable items. Therefore, you should look carefully to collect as many resources.

Equipment system

Equipment is extremely necessary for you to easily overcome challenges. As for weapons, you can collect more than a dozen different types and carry them on this adventure. From axes and darts to swords or bows, you can pick them up from chests on the map. Besides, the helmets help you withstand longer before the attack of the enemy. The hats will turn you into legendary characters like knights, dragons or unicorns.

Will Hero also allows you to upgrade your equipment. Use the money earned from the chest to make your weapons more powerful. You can upgrade unlimitedly, as long as you still have enough money. When upgrading, your weapon can increase in size to feel more powerful. Hats can also be upgraded, take advantage!


Will Hero has quite simple graphics in pixel style. The 2D images are not too fussy but extremely sharp and colorful. The character design is also simple, like the mobile boxes. They are also decorated with strange drawings to create faces. Diverse maps with many different contexts keep you inspired to explore. Add to that the lively sound from the background music and the battle giving you an exciting and exciting adventure.

MOD APK version of Will Hero

MOD features

  • Free Shopping

Download Will Hero MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, Will Hero does not have too many graphical highlights. However, it still attracts players thanks to its extremely addictive adventure gameplay. Many challenges to conquer, many places to explore make you spend hours without taking your eyes off. The journey is always ready for you to join, download the game and experience it!

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