Hunt Royale v2.0.13 Mod APK (God Mode)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.0.13
MOD Info:God Mode
Publisher:BomBit Games
Package:Google Play Link

Hunt Royale offers a simple yet addictive action gameplay. Show yourself as a good hunter and win against other players. Entering the hunting grounds as one of the four warriors, how will you show up?

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Introduce game Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale is an action game with varied and endless fun. Although there are not many game modes, but still does not cause players to feel bored. Simple but addictive gameplay will make you spend hours immersed in it. Find your favorite character and get ready to join every battle!


Game mode

In the game Hunt Royale, you will compete against 4 other players in a 3-minute match. During that time, the winner is the one who survived and destroyed more monsters. The map will continuously appear different types of monsters. Players often have difficulty with monsters that shoot far. And melee monsters did not seem to cause any difficulty for the player.

Destroying monsters will drop stars that have not yet Exped. Pick them up so you can level up and increase strength. Monsters will get stronger towards the end of the game, so buffing is a must. You can also view your current rating in the top left corner.

Tips for playing

Here are some tips that we noticed while experiencing this game. While it is not exhaustive, it will be helpful for you:

  • Prioritize your life: the longer you last, the better your chance to raise points. If you are defeated, you will immediately be taken out of the match and for sure there is no high ranking.
  • Gathering monsters: Monsters will chase after seeing your appearance. So run around to gather many youkai gathered. Plus the damage spread from the weapon, you will quickly “clear” the large number of demons. This will help you score a lot faster than a single hit.
  • Hit and Run: Because your attack range is quite far, keep your distance so that the demon cannot reach you. Therefore, the term “Hit and Run” is included to help you maximize blood retention. The way to use it is that you move to keep your distance every single hit and then on the next attack.
  • Avoid monsters with long range: You will lose a large amount of health if you attack them. To defeat them, you will lose a lot, even be defeated. Therefore, choose to attack melee youkai because they cannot reach you if you apply “Hit and Run”.


Collect character pieces so you can upgrade them. Higher level will require more shards and gold. Increasing character power means you can destroy monsters faster. So you can rank high in each match. To upgrade, just go to the gallery, go to the character and choose upgrade.

Events and ranking

Daily special events will bring you many valuable items. Quests revolve around your game. Therefore, you should try to complete because they are extremely simple.

You can view your achievement rating against other players. There are 2 rankings that are global and local. There, your name will be honored in front of millions of other players. Besides that is an extremely valuable weekly installment that will be available to those with high ratings. Keep trying hard!


Unlock and learn to play 30 unique characters with different skills. There are many different types of characters to choose from. From melee, ranged, magic to the good and evil factions. Such a large number of characters will help you have many different experiences. Each character’s skill brings an endless source of damage. If you like this fighting style, choose and become the top hunter.


Hunt Royale features interesting voxel-based graphics. The 3D graphics and agile character movements will keep you inspired while taking part in matches. The controls are easy when you just need to move, conveniently placed on the screen. Besides, the view from above covers the map, you can easily observe. Finally, the background music plays continuously, giving players the most comfortable moments.

MOD APK version of Hunt Royale

MOD feature

  • God Mode

Download Hunt Royale MOD APK for Android

Hunt Royale is an infinite source of entertainment for anyone. Beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay will be your perfect choice. New content is updated every week, providing an infinite experience for players. Do not hesitate that you do not join us right now!

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