Amazing Frog? APK v2.60 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 03/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.60
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 9+
Package:Google Play Link

Amazing Frog? APK is an action-adventure game that lets you play the role of a naughty frog, exploring the vast city.

Introduce about Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? published by Fayju, a recently emerging game developer. Accordingly, this is the first game product that they bring to the mobile game market. And it is supported for many different platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, MacOS. Therefore, players can easily choose for themselves the right device to play the game.

Become a “frog superhero”

Usually, when playing role-playing games, you will be playing the role of superheroes, or certain famous characters. But coming to Amazing Frog?, you will play the role of an extremely interesting character. As you can see in the game title, it’s a frog. But it is not an ordinary frog that can only swim and jump. It is a special frog that has the skills to move and live more than humans. So we can consider it a “frog superhero”. You will play the role of that frog and explore the modern world of man. You will have an extremely interesting experience with this unique game.

Explore the big city

After playing the role of “Amazing Frog” you will begin your adventure journey. The location selected in the game is Swindon, UK. This is where our superhero can live freely, comfortably. Frog superhero can even take over the human world. Because it can go anywhere, anywhere can be. Can be high-rise buildings, shops, swimming pools, sea, …

In the adventure journey, the frog superhero will also encounter dangers. Because in this world there are not only frogs. For example, when going to the sea, our frog will have to confront sharks. Or when it jumps down the sewer, it will be overwhelmed by the filth there. But if you want, you can still try jumping down there. You have the right to do whatever you like in this free game.

Traveling by different means

As you know, frogs usually move by jumping and swimming. But in this game, it can move by many other unique vehicles like humans. Don’t be surprised, because it’s a frog superhero! It can master vehicles such as cars, jet skis, helicopters, planes, lunar trolleys and more. You need to unlock each type of vehicle for it to use, not all of them are available.

Unlock items, costumes

In addition to transportation, you can also collect many other things. It can be strange items, these items can be carried on the go. Sometimes, you can’t even understand what the effects of those objects are. There is also a fairly diverse system of costumes. The frog superhero also needs to have his own designer suits. From the usual T-shirts to the suits and Santa Claus suits.

Simulation graphics

Amazing Frog? Developed with simulated graphics. But it’s a simple simulation, not a real simulation. Although it is also invested in 3D graphics, it is only the average graphics background. Moreover, the visual design in the game is also quite simple and lacks realism. Perhaps the developer has optimized the graphic design like that, so that players can play the game smoothly on devices with low configuration.

But anyway, you can still experience the game in an interesting style with very vivid 360-degree rotations. You should note, although the game’s graphics are not too high quality, its capacity is up to nearly 1GB. So you must be aware of the free space on your device.

APK version of Amazing Frog?


Paid: The game has been paid for on Google Play. You can download install and experience for free with Amazing Frog APK version?.

Download Amazing Frog? APK latest version for Android

Are you ready to start your adventure with this special frog? Surely you will have minutes of extremely interesting and fascinating experience when you explore the world in a completely new way in the game Amazing Frog?. If you are worried about the problem of game fees, choose our Amazing Frog? APK version right away. This version is completely free for you! Don’t forget to share this fun game with your friends!

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