Bomber Friends v4.97 Mod APK (Skins Unlocked)

Last updated: 09/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.97
MOD Info:Skins Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Place bombs, move and explode, join Bomber Friends MOD APK so you can compete with many other players around the world! Bomb everyone else and be the last one to survive, you will be the winner.

Introduce about Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends is the ultimate improved version of the classic Bomberman game. If you belong to the 90s generation, it is certainly no stranger to this legendary bomb game. No matter how many versions, this bomb-laying gameplay always attracts players. This version is a huge improvement from content to graphics. Until now, Bomber Friends is the most appreciated of many other versions. So, let’s learn more about this game with us!

Main gameplay

Going straight to the gameplay of Bomber Friends, this is a game that emphasizes strategy. You and other players will be put on a square piece of land. In which are designed brick walls and stone walls. The stone wall will be harder so you can’t destroy it. You will move your character move to place bombs next to brick walls. As for the stone wall, you will take advantage of it to trap the opponent there. Therefore, you need to look at the current terrain to find a way to move and place bombs appropriately.

On the left side of the screen are the buttons to move your character and on the right is the button to place the bomb. Controls in this game are not difficult at all. Bomber Friends emphasizes strategy, so you use your thinking more. In my opinion, you should focus on collecting a lot of items in the early stages of the game. When you have more bombs, bombs have a wider range, you have many advantages over your opponents.

Multiple game modes

To prevent players from getting bored, Bomber Friends has created many different game modes. As far as I know, it has up to 5 game modes, including online and offline. Specifically:

  • Classic mode: this is the main game mode in Bomber Friends. You will be matched with 3 other random players. You have to do everything to become the last survivor.
  • Adventure mode: you will join Bomber on a journey to find his loved one. Each level will have monsters blocking you. You can place bombs to destroy them or move to dodge. Your ultimate goal is to get to the location where the key is to open the door to the next level.
  • Multiplayer mode: pair up with 6 to 8 other online players to start the match. This mode has more challenges and unexpected events unfold. For example, after a period of time, the wall will collapse and the map will shrink.
  • Team Battles: Players are divided into two teams. You and your teammates must defeat all members of the opponent.
  • Reversi Tournament: place as many bombs as possible. You won’t be able to destroy brick walls in this mode. The player’s goal is to find the direction of movement to go as far as possible. Thanks to that, you can place more bombs and win.

Character customization

Every player in Bomber Friends uses the same type of character. However, you can customize to be different from other players. Design your character with hats, suits, accessories… Create a style full of personality so everyone will recognize you in every match. Besides the funny expressions, the character’s mocking mode. Choose a special tombstone and go out in style to haunt other players like a ghost!

Improved graphics

Compared to many other similar versions, Bomber Friends has a breakthrough in graphics. That may be one of the biggest reasons for players to love this game more. With an available foundation, the publisher has improved many eye-catching visual effects. Besides, there is a breakthrough in character design. Instead of choosing the default characters available, you can now customize the appearance to your liking. The extremely fun sound system makes the matches comfortable, exciting and engaging.

MOD APK version of Bomber Friends

MOD features

  • Skins Unlocked

Download Bomber Friends MOD APK latest version for Android

Download Bomber Friends and join the most multiplayer bomb game online! This game is the most perfect version of the legendary game Bomberman. The online multiplayer arena makes each match more dramatic and exciting. Style your character, think to win and play for fun. Bomb them all and be the last one to survive, you are the winner!

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