Milky Touch vFinal Mod APK (Ported Android)

Last updated: 10/01/2024 (3 months ago)

Latest Version:Final
MOD Info:Ported Android
Publisher:Studio Kuma
Package:Google Play Link

Milky Touch is an RPG revolving around stories at a university. In the game, you will participate in sneaky schemes around the school. These events will bring you girls with hot bodies. You will have the opportunity to perform intimate actions in burning love nights with the girls in your adventure.

Introducing Milky Touch


You are a freshman at a private university located in Milky Town. However, in your later days everything will change. You get caught up in sneaky conspiracies that twist surprisingly around the university and town. You will get to know young beautiful girls and have the opportunity to have sex with them.


In the game, you will be the one to decide the course of the game in the direction you want. The system consists of many chapters and each chapter equals one day. Every day you will have to chat with people in the school to make conspiracies together. After each conversation there will be 2 situations for you to choose from, what will happen after that will depend on your decision. After each event, you can choose to leave or stay and do some fun things with beautiful young ladies. Surely you won’t be able to leave in front of their hot curves and sexy expressions. Play the role of a spoiled guy and spend a good night out with them.

You can pause and save the progress of the game if something is busy, the system will save the current progress and be ready for the next play. In addition, you can save multiple progress at the same time so that you can replay whatever you like.

Graphics, sound

Milky Touch is designed with a modern setting around the school. Various characters in the game and especially the girls in it. They all wear stylish clothes and sexy bodies. The charming curves, round 1 round will make players unable to take their eyes off. You will experience real love nights. Especially the voices and sounds of the girls will make you attracted. Surely you will not be able to leave a second when experiencing Milky Touch.

APK version of Milky Touch

Milky Touch is a game designed for the PC. However, in this article we will send you the APK file for Android. You don’t need to worry about the image quality not being equal to the original on your computer. This version is compatible with many Android models, the graphics and sound are equally sharp.

Download Milky Touch APK for Android

All happenings and events that happen in Milky Touch are engaging and engaging players. You will be living in a feeling of pleasure with the beautiful girls in the town of Milky. Do not hesitate to immediately download Milky Touch to your device to discover what great things are waiting for you. Download the APK file below and click it to install it on your device.

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