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Last updated: 27/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.5.0
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Recently, publisher continues to launch a new simulation game. It’s Devil Kiss, a simulation game with a romantic love theme, and no less dramatic.

Introduce about Devil Kiss

Devil Kiss was just released a few days ago. Accordingly, the game is still developed by Lucy Dream, a game company that is quite famous for otome simulation games. And is the unit responsible for releasing the game to the mobile platform. In previous articles, we introduced some games developed by Lucy Dream such as Darling Pet, Dangerous Fellows, Blood Kiss : Vampire story,…

Most of Lucy Dream’s games have the same gameplay. It’s simulation gameplay that explores romantic love stories. Players will explore the plot like a visual novel. And the game Devil Kiss too, will be exploring a thrilling story about angels and demons. Where you are a main character, facing a lot of things happening in life.


You are a beautiful and sociable girl. Every day, you go to work as a waiter at a coffee shop, both to kill time and collect more for yourself. But one day, when you wake up from a tiring sleep, you find a strange mark on your neck. You suspect that it is a trace of the devil… Because at that time, you have realized that there is always an angel and a devil living with you. And then the story of the journey to find the devil to remove the mark begins. Accompany you with the main characters mentioned below.

Main characters

In this story, you get to meet many different characters. They appear in your life with many different missions. You can get to know their personalities well, before you decide who you can date. Or simply friends who bring you joy. Here are the main characters you will meet in the game:

  • Arthur – a guy who works at a flower shop, near a coffee shop. He is a loyal and trustworthy person.
  • Han – he is your boss, coffee shop owner with a cold personality but very caring for you.
  • Cain – a successful businessman with a sad face. But that’s his charm point.
  • Jay – your good friend, always loyal to you.

Play your way

Just like other games of the same genre, the gameplay of Devil Kiss gives you the freedom to explore the main story. You will explore this visual novel with your own style through the choices and decisions you make in your life. There are many stories going on, and you have to think to choose, decide to move towards a future goal.

Every story will have times when you have to decide for your life. Every time you make a decision, you have many options, possibly bold ideas. And after each choice, the ending of the story will change according to that choice. Therefore, each player’s experience will bring different interesting endings.

Some games of the same genre

The visual novel-style simulation game genre is now loved by many players. Therefore, more and more new games with unique storylines appear. This genre of game allows you to explore the visual novels realistically and the player can decide for themselves the ending of the plot. If you like this type of game, you can try some of the games below:

MOD APK version of Devil Kiss

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Free Premium Choices

Download Devil Kiss MOD APK latest version for Android

The gameplay and visuals of Devil Kiss have not changed much compared to previous games of Lucy Dream. Therefore, we do not evaluate much about this part. The appeal of this game genre, almost all depends on whether the plot is attractive or not. Try to download Devil Kiss game to play, it certainly won’t disappoint you.

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