Blood Kiss v1.20.3 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 05/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.20.3
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Come to Blood Kiss MOD APK and date handsome vampire guys! Your choice is the key to open the door to beautiful and happy love stories.

Introducing Blood Kiss

Blood Kiss is an interactive omote game with a romantic love story. The plot of the game has been divided into different parts. You will gradually feel the attraction and attraction of unexpected and continuous events. You will participate as the main character and directly affect the plot. By constantly making choices, you will change the course of events to your liking. More specifically, you can refer to the section below this article.

Unique plot

The story begins with a difficult situation that happens to you. Bowing to the debt left by your father, you must work hard. One day, you receive an offer that can help you pay off your debt. The job you get, it’s in a dungeon full of vampires. What will you do when you have to work with dangerous vampires? Looks like they’ve killed people before? These dangerous non-humans have noticed your presence.

“Since you discovered our secret, you can’t leave here alive.”

If you make smart choices, you can survive in this dungeon. Even though there are evil vampires in front of you, they are undeniably handsome and charming. If you can tame them, maybe a dreamlike love story will come to you! The continuous flow of the plot opens up opportunities for you…

Another handsome male cast has also appeared in the interactive game Paradise Lost: Otome Game.

Various characters

Is life in this dungeon easy? You will have to interact and work with many mysterious characters here. Each character will have a different personality and you need time to understand them all. Here are a few basics:

  • Dayn: mysterious sexy executive of vampire aristocracy.
  • Gray: colleague of the ikemen who thinks his vampire identity makes him a monster.
  • Ruel: who always feels guilty about his secret origin.
  • Eden: Dayn’s trusted right-hand man.
  • Dana: Vampire secretary who hates humans.

That is the main character stream that you will meet many times in this storyline. Blood Kiss has many other character lines that will help you gradually unlock the mystery of this difficult journey.

Interactive simulation gameplay

You are the most important character in all the chapters. After a brief introduction to the plot, you will understand the situation you have to face. Choices will appear after each event, and you have to make a decision. Blood Kiss has more than 200 situations large and small, corresponding to more than 200 times you have to make a decision. Moreover, each of your choices directly affects the course of action and the final outcome. Characters, mysteries, and endings will gradually be revealed through each of your choices. Blood Kiss also has Premium options, you have to pay with in-game Ruby to be able to unlock.

Are you suitable for this game?

You will find this game extremely attractive if you like the fantasy genre of vampires. The special endings, unsolved mysteries in Blood Kiss will keep you excited. Especially, this game is suitable for those who are looking for a brand new survival story game with mixed love stories. Can you accept sad endings? Blood Kiss is a game with multiple endings, so you will experience many different levels of emotions.

MOD APK version of Blood Kiss

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices

As you play, you’ll see choices locked in decision-making times. Those are the premium options, you need Ruby (in-game currency) to unlock. Ruby you can earn in game progress, but it’s not enough for you to unlock them all. So our MOD APK version will unlock those locked choices completely.

Download Blood Kiss MOD APK latest Android

Have you ever stood in the middle of the pursuit of many men? Blood Kiss MOD APK will be where you experience that feeling. Handsome and charming vampires are always looking for ways to win your heart. You get to decide everything from the story line to your favorite character. Interactive gameplay is a rather unique genre and is gradually becoming more popular in the world. Don’t miss this amazing otome interactive game!

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