Truck Simulator USA v9.9.6 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gold)

Last updated: 02/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:9.9.6
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Gold
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Ovidiu Pop
Package:Google Play Link

Truck Simulator USA MOD APK is a perfect and fun truck driver. It helps you have the most realistic driving experience with detailed graphics and physics. Loads of challenging maps to challenge your trucker in this amazing game!

About Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA gives you a simulator to practice and become a skilled truck driver. If compared with other large driving games like The Road Driver or Bus Simulator PRO, this is also an opponent worth mentioning. The game’s graphics are extremely beautiful with 3D images reproduced in detail. Not only that, players can also comfortably manipulate the car. Even if you have never tried to drive a truck on a similar simulator, you can easily get acquainted with Truck Simulator USA.

Quality car collection

Truck Simulator USA will bring you a team of powerful trucks from 3 major countries. Those are the US, Canada and Mexico, which are famous for trucks. All will be taken from the most popular designs over the years. Many designs and models are brought here for your reference and selection. Feel free to choose for yourself a beautiful and powerful companion. Each model will have a variety of paint colors to choose from, you can even change its color when you bring the car to your garage.

You can earn extra income and unlock more cars. There is nothing better than owning big cars without spending a dime. Turn your garage into the world’s most amazing collection. It doesn’t have to be expensive or luxurious supercars, trucks can also create unique beauty that only those who love to drive can see.

Beautiful maps

America is a country with many beautiful high-end roads. There’s nothing better than being able to drive your truck on it. You can even turn to other neighboring countries to explore. Truck Simulator USA has a lot of different maps for you to drive. Each stage will have a small challenge for you to show your driving ability. But the authentic driving experience on beautiful roads is the feeling that the players want to aim for.

There are many places in the world that you may not have been to before. Whether it’s the desert or the city, it’s a new experience for you. All of these are places worth going to or learning to drive a truck. However, Truck Simulator USA is not easy for you to freely choose a location. You need to complete objectives to unlock newer maps. Thanks to that, you will have a greater sense of conquest to open the path you want to go.

Easy driving, realistic physics

I feel Truck Simulator USA is a difficult driving game. Its controller has quite a few buttons and virtual keys. So you have to manipulate your hands and practice more. But also, you will have a more realistic driving feeling. From simple things like braking, or pedaling to the horn, headlights, mirrors, etc., it’s all like driving a truck in real life. In addition, when participating in traffic, always obey the law and drive safely. You can change your driving perspective from first person to third person.

The physical mechanism will further emphasize the realism of the game. With trucks, this mechanism is even more important. You cannot easily drive flexible trucks like super cars. That is completely understandable because of the different car design and size. Besides, the terrain also affects your driving quite a lot. You don’t always go on a flat road, you need to overcome complex, winding terrain or the road width is only enough for one vehicle. Many other factors affect, so you need to have strong and agile driving skills.

Great graphics

Truck Simulator USA has vivid, beautiful visual effects. The landscape is diverse and realistic with the flexible change of day and night. Truck Simulator USA’s smooth animation, amazing 3D graphics will bring you the most perfect driving experience. The sound of the truck along with the dynamically changing background music is also part of the appeal of this game.

MOD APK version of Truck Simulator USA

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money, Gold
  • Car Unlocked

Download Truck Simulator USA MOD APK latest version for Android

Truck Simulator USA is a great truck driving simulation game! I have tried it and found it to have many interesting features. Beautiful graphics, varied gameplay and maps make you never get bored. Driving on hundreds of the most beautiful roads in America will be experiences that you should not miss. Download the game and satisfy your driving passion now!

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