TerraGenesis: Landfall v2.92 Mod APK (Unlimited Credits)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.92
MOD Info:Unlimited Credits
Requires:Android 8.0+
Publisher:Tilting Point
Package:Google Play Link

TerraGenesis: Landfall MOD APK is a simulation game with novel gameplay that takes you to uninhabited planets and you have to develop life there. Can you live there, and create new places that are more ideal for humans?

Introducing TerraGenesis: Landfall

This game is published by the game company Tilting Point. Earlier, this publisher released an interesting version of TerraGenesis – Space Settlers. That game has attracted tens of millions of downloads from Google Play. Not to mention players downloading from other sources. And TerraGenesis: Landfall is a new version developed in a style quite similar to the original, Space Settlers. You will still experience an attractive simulation gameplay, combined with realistic 3D graphics.

Searching for a new life for people

The game takes place when the Earth has become too crowded because of the continuous development of mankind. And humans have begun their journey to find new planets beyond the earth. They want new places to live that are larger and have more growth potential. So people have set foot on alien planets in the galaxy to explore. They have found many ideal planets that can be built and developed.

But at first, those planets were still quite wild and needed someone to explore and build. You are the one chosen for this important mission. Come to distant planets in the galaxy, build your dream city. Be the first to create a thriving city on new planets!

Building a city in space

Coming to the game TerraGenesis: Landfall, you are tasked with creating a city in space. It’s a strange new planet, far from Earth. There are a lot of resources and great development potential here. But the important thing is that it needs a leader capable of exploring it.

You start from mining resources, then build the first buildings. Initially just small houses, gradually you can expand and upgrade into large buildings like a city on Earth. You have to do everything from building, exploring resources, managing water resources, growing crops to develop your city.

Discover and manage resources

As a new planet, you must know how to find important resources. Water source is very important in this game. You can bring farming and building civilizations from Earth to this planet. Manage water, oxygen, and food to sustain life on this planet.

Developing civilization

Just like the history of the Earth’s development, you will develop your planet through different periods, through many different civilizations. It’s just your exploration at first, then building your first buildings. And then, you can bring more people here to become citizens in your city.

You have to go through many civilizations to achieve earth-like development. Through building, managing and ruling your city, it can become an ideal place to live for people. Thereby, you have done a very meaningful job. At the same time you were able to thrive for human civilization.

Realistic graphics

The developers of TerraGenesis: Landfall want to give players the most authentic experience. When you come to this world, you feel like you are space explorers, first arriving on a new planet in outer space. That’s thanks to the beautiful 3D graphics in this game. It is designed with extremely sharp and vivid images. As soon as you open the game, you are drawn into a new life on this planet. You can also think of experiencing the game as if you were watching a sci-fi movie, where you are the main character and the plot is created by yourself.

MOD APK version of TerraGenesis: Landfall

MOD feature

Unlimited Credits: The cost for you to use will be more and more.

Download TerraGenesis: Landfall MOD APK latest version for Android

TerraGenesis: Landfall is really a great game that you should not miss. It offers a different gameplay compared to simulation games of the same genre. Moreover, with a sci-fi theme, the game will attract a lot of players. There are certainly a lot of people who dream of going to new planets and living there. Maybe you are too! So, download the game TerraGenesis: Landfall MOD APK now to start your new life in the vast universe!

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