The Road Driver v3.0.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 13/11/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.0.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Long Path Games
Package:Google Play Link

For players who love heavy vehicles, The Road Driver will surprise everyone. It is not a racing game, this is a realistic driving simulator. Drive your truck or bus freely on the roads, in a detailed scene. We also bring you the MOD version with many attractive features.

Introduce game The Road Driver

Same as Racing in Car 2021, The Road Driver also a realistic driving simulator. But it gives players a new experience from large trucks. No need for epic super cars, you will find more fun driving buses, trucks on amazing beautiful roads. With realistic driving mechanics, it’s like a real driving practice session. In addition, there are many other extremely attractive content waiting for you!

The Road Driver APK 888x500
Unlock and customize your favorite cars

Vehicle options

Diverse models of large trucks

The Road Driver brings you a collection of more than 30 different vehicles. All are large trucks such as buses, trucks, trailers (including semi-trailers)… You will get detailed practice on how to drive each different vehicle. Each car has its own mechanics, and you can drive them all. Completing the challenges and missions in the game will give you access to even more vehicles. Use the money you earn and buy the car you want to drive the most!


Since the game just came out not too long ago, it only has over 30 types of vehicles. In the following updates, the publisher will add more special categories. Upcoming models will be displayed in the garage in “Coming soon” mode. Along with that, the estimated selling price will be displayed so you can actively hoard money if it is the car you want.

Vehicle customization

Customize the look of your favorite car! Indeed, The Road Driver allows you to unleash your creativity with many vehicle shaping tools. Customize paint colors with thousands of different blends. Shape the car body, add decorative accessories to make it stand out more than ever. Regarding the vehicle system, you can change the engine, install more headlights and suspension height. Much more customizations, you can create a stylish bus or a trailer with lots of cool gadgets!

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Realistic driving angles and mechanics

Main gameplay


In The Road Driver, you will work for a transportation company. There, you need to drive the cars to the specified destination. This is a big company, so they will ask you to drive a lot of different cars. To be able to take on many jobs, you need to buy a variety of cars. The task will be constantly refreshed for you to earn a lot of income.

The map in the game is quite large even though there are only 2 main locations. You will go through countless roads, experience countless beautiful scenes in the game. There will be many twisty and complicated roads, along with your big truck, which are not easy challenges. Once there, you can test your driving skills by passing them all.

Realistic driving mechanics

You will find great driving experience with The Road Driver’s extremely realistic driving simulator. Detailed controls, which vary depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving. Each car has a different mechanism, so you need to practice a lot differently. This mechanism is completely similar to reality, you can consider this a practice exercise. The panel is also arranged to fit your phone screen. You can also customize the automatic or manual transmission depending on your preference. The game also offers a variety of control options (Steering wheel, Slider, Arrow Keys, Tilt), with sensitivity adjustment and Gamepad support.

The realism of the game is also reflected in the physical mechanics. Weight affects speed, weather also reduces visibility… Or fixed gas stations so you can add fuel to your car. If you run out of gas or oil in the middle of the road, you will not be able to continue moving. Absolutely true, isn’t it! Therefore, many players love this game very much through such many interesting features.

Missions and achievements

In the company, you will be constantly given tasks to perform. For example, shuttle customers by bus, still deliver goods by truck… Each job has different difficulty and based on that to decide the reward. The road to move always has challenges set forth. After each successful ride, you will receive many rewards to be able to unlock new cars.

The Road Driver MOD APK 888x500
Realistic car design by 3D modeling technology

Great graphics

The Road Driver’s quality 3D graphics is also a factor that makes many players decide to experience it. In terms of vehicle design, even though they are large trucks, in this game, they are designed quite beautifully. Not as dry and rigid as in real life, but they have a variety of colors and patterns. More specifically, you can make them more unique with your creativity. The game background is very beautiful and realistic. You can enjoy lavish city streets, idyllic countryside and majestic mountain views.

The sound from the engine is not too catchy like the top supercars in the world. But it brings a lot of comfort while driving. Besides, the background music is played continuously, helping you not to feel bored when experiencing.

MOD APK version of The Road Driver

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

This MOD version will help you quickly unlock all vehicles. Otherwise, you can download the game from Google Play to experience the game at normal progress.

Reviews from users

Will this The Road Driver driving simulation game satisfy users? Is it as great as the article we just featured? Please refer to their reviews about this game!

“The game is great! But it seems that the money in here is quite slow. The cars are quite expensive but I only have 10 coins after playing for a while. Having too few cars also makes me unable to do the quests value. Hope the publisher can adjust the reward in each mission.”

“The game is good, but you should add more cars on the road and let the passenger car open more trunks and open the glass doors on both sides. The graphics are very realistic, I hope the publisher reads my comment.”

“Games or graphics should be more realistic. In addition, more guests get on the car and hang up the car, add traffic police, traffic lights, street lights and more bad roads more like reality. In this, most of the roads are quite flat. and few obstacles. It takes away the value of every move because it’s so easy”

“Slightly few models. Just over 30 types of cars in the garage and there are a few that are quite similar. Moreover, the money to buy cars is quite expensive compared to the amount of money earned. In terms of gameplay and graphics, this game did a great job. The gameplay is quite attractive and addictive because of the realism. If the above factors can be improved, this is a perfect game. Good job!”

Download The Road Driver MOD APK for Android

Overall, The Road Driver is a good, engaging and realistic driving simulation game. Features that stick to reality will help players experience more interesting. Recent updates have made the game better by fixing many bugs from user feedback. Thereby, it can be seen that the publisher is very enthusiastic about this game. The game is getting better and better and has many new features. If you are a big truck enthusiast, download the game now!

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