Idle Home Makeover v3.6 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Last updated: 06/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.6
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, No Ads
Publisher:ZPLAY Games
Package:Google Play Link

Do you like designing and decorating your home? This is a job that many people love, but not everyone can do it. Because it requires you to have flair, aesthetics and creativity. If you want to try this exciting job but don’t want to spend a lot of time learning, play Idle Home Makeover.

Introduce Idle Home Makeover

Idle Home Makeover MOD APK is a simulation game, allowing you to become a professional designer. This game was developed by ZPLAY Games, a new game company that has emerged recently. This simulation game allows you to try your hand at home design. You will be completely creative for beautiful houses. Can you create beautiful houses for your collection? Join Idle Home Makeover now to get started as a designer.

Become the best designer

Join Idle Home Makeover, you will have the opportunity to become a professional designer in the field of housing design. You are tasked with designing and decorating the newly built, unfinished houses. Each house will have different shapes and different sizes, you must decorate them so that it is eye-catching. With many different options to decorate, you can unleash your creativity for those houses. Design lawn, Choose paint, Work on roofs and walls to complete the dream home.

Idle simulation gameplay

How to play the game Idle Home Makeover extremely simple. As an idle simulation game, you will do nothing but click on the screen. Your task is to upgrade the indicators to decorate the house. Each time you upgrade, you need to spend some money. While decorating, you will receive a bonus. You can get rich by this job.

After you finish decorating this house, you will see it again with 3D multi-dimensional images. Overall, the gameplay of Idle Home Makeover is quite simple, does not require a lot of player skills.

Graphic 3D

Although only a simulation game, but Idle Home Makeover is still designed with eye-catching 3D graphics. The most outstanding feature of this game is the extremely diverse color system. Thanks to that, you will have more options in decorating the houses. Especially 3D images that simulate your home after decoration, extremely true.

MOD APK version of Idle Home Makeover

MOD feature

In Idle Home Makeover MOD, we have two extremely unique features, you will definitely love it.

  • Unlimited Money: When you first play the game, you do not have much money right away. You play the game as usual, after receiving the first bonus, you use that amount. And the money you have will increase after upgrading or buying anything. This amount only increased continuously without decreasing.
  • Remove Ads: When you play games with internet enabled, many ads will appear. This will make you feel extremely uncomfortable because they appear constantly. Therefore, we have removed the ad completely free. You can just turn on the internet for chatting, playing games.
  • Note: To install Idle Home Makeover MOD, you need to uninstall
    Order the original from Google Play, if you already have it installed.

Download Idle Home Makeover MOD APK for Android

Overall, Idle Home Makeover has just got the gameplay to simulate an attractive home design theme, with the addictive element of the idle game genre. You can take advantage of it whenever possible, and stop without affecting the outcome of the game. Right now, you download Idle Home Makeover MOD APK to experience this great game.

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