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Latest Version:20.1.00
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Emily needs a renovation of her house, and she needs you! Join the game Merge Matters so you can show your talent for design, creativity. Not only that, you need to discover the mystery of Oscar’s disappearance – Emily’s husband. So are you willing to help her? With our MOD version, you will easily complete all missions.

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Introduce game Merge Matters

Merge Matters is a game that simulates the design and repair of a house. Show off your delicate taste and help the heroine decorate her new home. Comes with countless entertaining games and puzzles for you. Please join us and help Emily create a luxurious, comfortable home. Besides helping her find her loving husband again.


Emily and her husband Oscar and their 6-month-old son Oliver are enjoying a very happy family life. Until one day, something strange happened. They receive a letter with no return address, followed by Oscar’s disappearance. Now, Emily and her son are all alone in the mansion. In order to find out the clues about her husband’s disappearance, she had to carry out home restoration and repair of everything that was broken. They just moved in recently so there’s more to fix!

In an effort to help Emily find her husband, you have to clean the building, rearrange it and repair broken things, from faucets, electricity to furniture … Throughout the game, you will meet your parents, the owner. Emily’s banker and detective. New evidence of Oscar’s disappearance will be unraveled as the game progresses. Restore the house and find new evidence to help Emily reunite with her husband.


Home design, repair and decoration

Obviously the main game of Merge Matters is home renovation. From an old, rudimentary house you will have to make it more spacious. First, you need to unlock each location in the house. Use the right tools to open doors or destroy cramped places, to expand space. To earn those stuff, you need to play a variation match-3 game. Match 2 similar objects to create a new one. For example, you pair 2 screwdrivers to create an ax, pairing 2 axes will create a knife. As long as you create the required tools you can unlock each location.

Shop for utensils and furniture in the store to organize your home. Change all old, old items into new and more modern equipment. Paint all the rooms and exterior of the house in your favorite color. After that, you can buy more accessories to decorate the house more sparkling. Finally, the arrangement of furniture in the house is suitable and comfortable. Use your creativity to get this job done. Make sure the furniture matches and mixes different styles. Give the mansion a complete makeover and explore Emily’s sweet garden!

Learn about the story of Oscar

Besides the home decoration, you also have to help Emily solve the mystery of Oscar’s disappearance. Her husband disappeared after receiving an anonymous letter. Since then, leaving Emily and her son to live in this old house. During the renovation of the house, you will find many suspicious objects and points in it. From there you link the data and find the final answer. Besides, you should help Emily participate in the game to be able to fund the house.

Suitable for entertainment

You can play Merge Matters in your free afternoons. Enjoy hours of comfortable entertainment while you play this game. The game is simple, easy to understand and also comes with instructions, you will quickly immerse in this new atmosphere. Besides the game and all the entertainment that comes, you can choose your favorite game. But be prepared for some unexpected situations in Merge Matters!


The objects and house are designed extremely honest and friendly. Not possessing eye-catching visual effects, Merge Matters offers a gentle, bright setting and graphics of a luxury home, a sparkling garden. Combining with the soundtrack flexibly changing according to the circumstances will create a Merge Matters extremely worth the experience!

MOD APK version of Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist

MOD feature

  • Free Gifts

Download Merge Matters: Home renovation game with a twist MOD APK for Android

Turn all your interior design dreams into reality with this revamped game by Merge Matters. Decorate Emily’s house, adorn it, help her repair broken items with fusion magic. It would be even more wonderful if you could find an Oscar for her. Join the game and help Emily have a happy, complete home!

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