To-Do List v1.02.17.1209 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

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MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.1+
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To-Do List is a task management application by making checklists, checking, marking progress and sending necessary notifications to users. The application is compact but supports you quite a lot, making life more scientific.

Introducing To-Do List app

Dairy App & Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder is the publisher of the To-Do List application. If you are a person who lives scientifically and with standards, To-Do List will be a great friend for you. Detailed, efficient, easy-to-use task management are the best features it brings to you. Learn more about it through the introduction below. Finally, we provide you with a link to download To-Do List MOD APK completely for free.

Manage to-dos for the day

How many things do you have to remember each day, how many things have to be done? Immersed in busyness, have you ever forgotten important things to do? Or meaningful anniversaries with the whole family? In order not to regret missing a memorable moment and take good control of your daily tasks, in both work and personal life, you will definitely need an effective tracking tool on your phone.

There are quite a few applications that do this function. But to talk about expertise and focus on “work management”, To-Do List is one of the names you should consider downloading.

What is To-Do List?

This is a free planning tool/app to help you manage tasks, remember personal anniversaries, and check the progress of each task in the checklist. Make your busy day more productive and make sure nothing is left out. There are many reasons you should choose To-Do List for your smartphone. You can learn through the following features of this application.

To-Do List is easy to use, the checklist has many beautiful themes

Aesthetic factor

You may not have realized it, but a to-do list, if it is simply a white background with black text, is no different from a monotonous post-it-note in real life. The first thing that attracts and inspires when looking at a to-do list is how simple and subtle it is decorated. When using To-Do List to create to-do checklists, you can take advantage of the many themes and colors available for your list. That makes them more beautiful. Looking at it also feels more comfortable and interesting to follow. This is not a key feature of a task planner app. But in terms of users, aesthetics is the first important factor.

Simple and effective

In addition, To-Do List follows the minimalist school. Its interface is easy to use, simple and effective. You can quickly create any to-do list in just 2 short steps. You can create, add, and make notes to your checklist at any time. When you are walking on the street, sitting at a cafe, at work, even when you go to the toilet. The minimal and fast operation of this app is both time-saving and convenient.

Fast and convenient

To-Do List even helps you Set up daily to-do list widgets to let you quickly check out today’s and planner. Just look at your phone screen every morning, without diving into the app, you can already have a list of all the to-dos for the day.

Custom reminder system

The alarm clock rarely works because it just “ringed” and was immediately turned off. Because the alarm sound is so familiar, partly because you already know when you will be alarmed. At that time, the psychological resistance will be ready for you to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. So how does the to-do list reminder system in this app work to remind you?

Each task in the checklist when created will be accompanied by questions about the reminder time. You can optionally remind how long in advance, how many repetitions, whether to remind each day? Each job will have a different time, schedule and deadline. You can actively choose these times according to your requirements. Please choose the kind of soothing ringtones available in your phone. Or simply send a reminder via text message from the app. Fully customizable reminders are needed, which is one of the key factors in making you feel more comfortable when alerted.

With recurring tasks you can quickly choose to turn on and off recurring reminders every day, every week, every month… Once installed, you can rest assured that you don’t need to remember these things anymore, when Close to automatic To-Do List will remind you, This feature is especially useful for remembering important anniversaries of the year.

Smart management and reporting

With this app, you can create multiple to-do lists by topic, project, work, personal story. Checklists are created in unlimited quantities. In the same list, you can set many details for each task: time, deadline, priority,… Or it can be related to other tasks in the same checklist or belongs to another checklist.

In each task, if you need to break it down further, you can also add sub-tasks that are broken down from the main task for easy tracking and implementation. You can also star the tasks that need to be more important. Or assign a deadline so that the application automatically displays the completion of each task. For those of you who work on running projects, this feature is very useful.

Automatic synchronization with Google Drive

To ensure that data is never lost, and that you can view it from any device, To-Do List has the ability to sync and backup checklists on Google Drive. You can use your smartphone or tablet to do this. As for PC, you just need to access Drive through any browser. Plus, it supports Wear OS watches as well, to check to-dos, track progress, or get device-by-device reminders. Whatever you’re using, wherever you are, you won’t miss a single piece of work.

Who is this app needed for?

With all of the above features, it’s clear that To-Do Lists aren’t just for work. It’s a planning tool for everyone, covering everything in life. From travel planning, project running, diet planning, exercise, birthday wishes gift checklist, timetable, exam schedule… Just having a task to remember, having time Take the time to note that you can all add them to the To-Do List.

Summary of the main features

  • Manage all tasks in one day;
  • Remind each task at a certain time before the deadline (according to user settings);
  • Create unlimited checklists;
  • Calendar display;
  • Set repeat schedule of jobs;
  • Check work progress;
  • Sync with Google Drive.

MOD APK version of To-Do List

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked: All premium features in the Pro plan are unlocked for free!

Download To-Do List MOD APK for Android

To-Do List is an app to plan everything in life, from work to personal plans. Simple to use, effective reminders, close progress tracking. If you are looking for a task management application, you should think of To-Do List first.

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