Chronus v22.5 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 10/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:22.5
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Chronus MOD APK integrates more than a dozen widgets and displays on your lock screen. It optimizes CPU usage, data and battery capacity despite running many features at the same time.

Introducing Chronus

Too much information to update at once? Weather, Calendar, Google Tasks, Stocks or News Feed? It makes you quite time consuming when you have to open your phone and log into each application. But now you just need to look at the screen, without unlocking, and still be able to update all that information. Welcome to the Chronus utility, a versatile and convenient toolkit. Chronus is a flexible information widget for Android. Multiple utilities on the same device and use the same terminal processing system and update at the same time. Installation is also extremely simple, in just a few seconds!

How important is Chronus?

Maybe you rarely care about the weather, time or news, me too. But for those who do business, securities, it is information that must be updated continuously. However, too much information to look at at the same time cost them quite a lot of time. Open the phone, log in to each tool to update, there are even times when they forget a certain feature. What about special appointments, meetings or events? That’s why Chronus is so important. It helps the user to update all the information on the idle screen. It notifies missed calls, reminders and important notifications.


Chronus gives you the full functionality of multiple widgets on one screen. It includes Clock, calendar, message board, news, google tasks and weather. The above information is also updated from extremely reputable sources. For example, weather will be provided by Yahoo,  OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground (PWS) and MET Norway. News feed with built-in RSS feed, Pocket and Internal Article Reader support. With an online calendar, you can even make reminder notes about upcoming events. For those who are forgetful, Chronus is an extremely important application to remember.

This application also has many other extensions. In the latest version, the publisher has integrated two more DashClock extensions in the Flex and ‘Dash’ utility. Besides, there are extensions like Gmail, missed calls, waiting messages. These extensions are optionally enabled/disabled by you depending on their importance.

Customize interface

You can customize the interface based on the number of built-in widgets. Chronus provides you with a variety of interfaces with different layouts. Most of the components displayed on the standby screen are arranged in easy-to-see and recognizable positions. In addition, it also provides you with calendar interfaces and adjusts the background of the widget. In more detail, you can highlight a calendar or event with custom colors and bold fonts. Thanks to that, you can just glance at the important information you need to know.

Save energy

Although it can run multiple utilities at the same time, but Chronus does not consume much of your battery capacity. It is optimized in CPU and data usage compared to other utilities. Once integrated, you can completely disable the application. Utilities will still be up to date and running as usual. In terms of data, it doesn’t consume much either. The reason is that most of it is offline information such as clock, calendar, weather or message notifications, calls and reminders. Few utilities such as news, new stock information need internet data, but not many.

Chronus Pro

Chronus Pro is a collection of paid features in the app. It gives you more immersive experiences with powerful, exclusive tools. Consists of:

  • Extras (Weather Board, Calendar, Clock+ and Stocks);
  • Customize actions when tapping Clock, Weather and Calendar to open apps or actions;
  • Change the Clock and Weather panel alignment;
  • Change the analog clock style;
  • Interface Calendar month;
  • Color Calendar and Events;
  • Customize the widget background;
  • Add News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit);
  • Sleep mode monitor;
  • Add Unlimited DashClock Extensions;
  • Android Wear support;
  • Chronus Wear combines Google Fit and weather forecasts.

MOD APK version of Chronus

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked

Download Chronus MOD APK latest version for Android

Chronus is smarter and more convenient than you can imagine. It saves time and effort of logging in to each application and tool to update information. It highlights every important piece of information so it’s easy to get your attention. Not only that, this application is also optimized to not consume a lot of CPU, battery and data space. Thanks to Chronus, you will track information more proactively, quickly and efficiently. Chronus is for everyone, so are you!

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